Game start problem

I can’t play I can’t start the game. For yesterday. What now with my invasion? And other things?

I also have trouble getting into the game since the last update. Anyone else have trouble getting into the game? I’m using an Iphone.

Same. Arena Coli ends tmrw.
Much stamina loss.
Invasion Loss
Many Things.
I still cant get into game which is great sign of dis appoimtment.
Hope A PB wont mind a free compensation :yum:

Same here since yesterday!

If you’re still having trouble getting into the game can you please reply back with all this information:

  • Device Model
  • Exactly what’s happening - are you getting stuck somewhere, game won’t open, black screen etc. The more details you can provide (with screenshots if available) the easier it is for us to track down what’s happening!

Now I got into the game!

:thinking: Did you do anything special to make it work?

It’s working for me again. I’ve updated my IOS and it’s working fine now again.

Uninstalled it and after like 2-3 hpurs tried downloading it. And BooM It Started downloading and I entered the game.

I updated my Android Before it started downloading

Samsung j7
First window after app click stand “update game” and update will be shortly in store… and so for yesterday

Thanks for the info! Are you still stuck on that screen now? Other players have reported that they were able to get past it eventually.

Yes I am. Android update I did but it didn’t help

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 there is no update in the Appstore to download the current version.

Exactly. It is “open” instead of “update” in Amazon app store. I uninstalled and installed again but the same…nothing new

Ah, I see now. The Amazon update hasn’t been approved by Amazon yet, so you won’t be able to log in unless you can access the game through the Google Play store.

I did. I downloaded yesterday from Google store but I had to play from beginning from level 1 how can I me account find or how can I access to my account by Game from Google store?

Open the new account and open your accounts screen (tap your icon in the bottom left corner). Then use the accounts button to link the account to a recovery method - Google or Facebook. Then use the support button on the account page to create a support ticket. Be sure to include as much information about your missing account as possible. They should be able to find your missing account and link it to your current recovery method, and that will allow you to access it through Google Play.

I did it I made ticket by support with my name ect.
I’m waiting

J’ai une tablette Tire HD10(9ème génération)… Moi aussi J’ ouvre l’application et je pèse sur le bouton mise à jour et ça m’amène au Appstore de Amazon et il n’y a pas de bouton de mise à jour, il y a que le bouton ouvrir!

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