Game-wide BUY BAN until PB listens to players about $$$?

This game is fun but it’s become a slot machine that expects us to feed it $99 at a time. Rewards from most of the features of the game have not kept pace with the current level of game-play, lots of the features of the game are designed to get you to spend oodles of cash, and the contests have devolved into a who can spend the most to win thug-fest.

You now need 3-5 ULTRA XP DRINKS which are 300,000 XP each to advance a character ONE level YET the rewards from most every part of the game are rewarding us with TURBO XP DRINKS which are 7500 XP, GRANDE XP DRINKS which are 300 XP and MINI XP which are 60 XP. This is a SERIOUS disconnect with the state of the game. Even the DOCKS in the PORT give at best TWO NITRO XP DRINKS which are 37500XP each, along with a bunch of useless turbo and mega xp drinks. ALL of these aspects of the game should give XP rewards commensurate with the state of the game. XP from TRIALS Is pathetic.

To level up 10 characters 5 levels (50 levels), you need 60M to 75M experience at levels 155-160, which is 200 to 250 ULTRA XP DRINKS. In ONE MONTH of playing, the average player accumulates 5-10 ULTRA XP equivalent experience. As a top player, the best I can do in ONE month and with spending on average $20 - $50 a month is to get 50 ULTRA XP equivalent experience. THIS IS A SERIOUS SERIOUS DISCONNECT WITH THE STATE OF THE GAME.

Gold rewards in the game are better but still unbalanced. After leveling up from 150+, you must spend 1.2M to 1.5M to level up white to purple skills ONE level for ONE character. THE WAREHOUSE in the PORT gives fairly good rewards. However, the rest of the game does not. One raid gives you about 500 to 2200 gold. To level up the skills of 10 characters 5 levels at 150+, you need 75M gold. THIS IS A LESS DISCONNECT BUT STILL A DISCONNECT.

Please fix this so we can enjoy the game. With 110+ characters in the game, and using only 25 of them, you know how much I’ve spent, After spending the equivalent of a car, one should be able to play all the characters at the least.

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