Gamma The Glitch, My DH:BM OC!

No picture available, yet. Gamma is a :star2: :star2: Attack Hero on the Red Team. He is an imperfection in Disney Heroes’ Code. He found himself to be a robotic genius instead of your average teen. He made his own Apparition Tech to hone his Glitch, much similar to Vanellope’s. He is the leader of the infamous Glitches Guild. W: Uncoded Combo: Gamma Glitches all around enemies and landing punches and kicks, stunning enemies for 3 seconds, doing Major Normal Damage.
G: Guild Pride: Glitches a flag with the Guild’s Logo and prodding enemies, doing minor Fantastic damage.
B: No-Clip: Once every wave of enemies, Gamma can dodge a Normal Attack and Counter with an electric hammer fist.
P: Cheat Code: The first time Gamma loses all of his HP, he inserts a Cheat Code with his remaining counciousness, and revives with half HP. Friendship(S): Vanellope, &,???

Cool dude .

Who is gamma??

It’s a custom character

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The leader of a guild on server 18 (i’ve heard of it)