Gamma The Glitch, My DH:BM OC!

No picture available, yet. Gamma is a :star2: :star2: Attack Hero on the Red Team. He is an imperfection in Disney Heroes’ Code. He found himself to be a robotic genius instead of your average teen. He made his own Apparition Tech to hone his Glitch, much similar to Vanellope’s. He is the leader of the infamous Glitches Guild. W: Uncoded Combo: Gamma Glitches all around enemies and landing punches and kicks, stunning enemies for 3 seconds, doing Major Normal Damage.
G: Guild Pride: Glitches a flag with the Guild’s Logo and prodding enemies, doing minor Fantastic damage.
B: No-Clip: Once every wave of enemies, Gamma can dodge a Normal Attack and Counter with an electric hammer fist.
P: Cheat Code: The first time Gamma loses all of his HP, he inserts a Cheat Code with his remaining counciousness, and revives with half HP. Friendship(S): Vanellope, &,??? (Backstory: A kid with many identities, who also had the unique abilitiy to travel into electronics as data. A few of his friends new, and he decided to travel into Disney Heroes with his friend, Carys… They got stuck there and kidnapped by Creeps. He and Carys stood up and fought.

Cool dude .

Who is gamma??

It’s a custom character

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The leader of a guild on server 18 (i’ve heard of it)


Yeah, basically my OC.