General Hero Advice Needed

Hey yall. So first off, I am not the greatest at RPGs, but I really enjoy this game. My only problem is, however, how to build heroes and teams. Like just, both in general.

What I’m looking for is -how- to know how characters differ and work with each other. People can slap teams together no problem with knowing their skills, but I can’t memorize a thousand different skills when I have so many heroes. I’m not very fluent in the world of building up heroes, in this game or others, so Im very clueless as to what to look for, and I feel I’m behind in getting my heroes to where they need to be.

If there’s any advice yall have, or even guides that are useful to use, thatd be great! I want to do well and do better, but I’ve hit a roadblock where I cant progress well. Tier lists only help so much when they aren’t measuring at purple level (where I’m at). I’m at team level 65.

Thank you so much!

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Hi, a good way to build teams and combining their skills, for example, heroes who study are better with other heroes who study, so go with teams of freezing, blindness, etc.
But don’t just combine heroes who have the same abilities, for example, Mulan benefits from critics, and since her damage is normal, she goes very well with study teams, there are many combinations, there are a lot of hero guides here, and you can also try teams you see in the arena and the coliseum, but it’s really good to go trying hero combinations, so you can learn a lot in the game, I hope this helps, good luck

Heroes who can benefits like buffs (a support hero or disks and skills that give a stat increase to allies) or go all-in attacking (with many debuffs, mostly disables).

One example is Pooh and Honey Lemon. Honey Lemon’s disk with Hiro decreases enemies’ ability to handle disables with evasion and tenacity being reduced. With Pooh’s permanent slow (until he KOs), enemies will lose tenacity and evasion for the rest of the battle. This is a theoretical example.

At your current level, I suggest going for easy disks to obtain. Like maybe WALL-E and EVE. This disk boost EVE’s green skill. The shield is also better in its own ways. The weakest ally that is targeted by EVE will also be healed in addition to temporary protection. WALL-E can also help EVE when she is targeting an enemy with “Hand Cannon” as she will target the closest disabled enemy.

Another suggestion is that enemy debuffs and ally buffs can be boosted simultaneously. For example, Kristoff and Sven and Elsa. Kristoff can increase the freeze duration and provide armor with his white skill. His skills buff and debuff enemies in its ways.

If you have more enquiries, feel free to ask your guildmates, friends and the global chat to help.

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