Get with the beat (Baloo character concept)

Name: Baloo

Quote: “You better believe it, and I’m loading with both!”

Description: Baloo dances around the battlefield as he brings out his big bear strength at the enemies.

Role: Tank

Position: Mid

Stars: :star:

Team: Yellow

Basic Attack: Baloo punches the enemy.

Entrance: Baloo walks to position while shaking his body.

Victory: Like Stitch, he puts on a tutu and dances.

Defeat: Baloo will get dizzy, wobbles, and will fall backwards.

White Skill: Jungle Groove
Baloo will dance for about 5 seconds, giving himself X HP.

Green Skill: Scare Me
:sparkles:Fantastic Damage
Baloo roars at the enemies, scaring them for X seconds and deals X damage.

Blue Skill: Stacks Of Nutritions
When Baloo experiences 0HP, he will get a stack of fruits and feed it to himself. This will give Baloo X HP and have immunity for X seconds.

Purple Skill: Bare Necessities
Every time Baloo uses his “Jungle Groove,” he will increase his armor by X.

Red Skill: Solid Gone
Baloo’s healing on himself in “Jungle Groove” and “Stacks Of Nutritions” will be increased by X%.


Baloo/Timon & Pumbaa
Own Kind Of Lifestyle
“Jungle Groove” Now Heals Allies

  • +X Max HP
  • +X Basic Attack
  • “Jungle Groove” will have Baloo heal himself and allies by X HP

Baloo/Sulley & Boo
Kid Friendly
“Scare Me” Buffs

  • +X Skill Power
  • Scares lasts longer by X%
  • “Scare Me” now haves enemies lose X armor and X energy

Feedback and improvement is welcomed and I hope you liked it!


Okay so when his energy fills up he gets energy and heals? How much energy?


…baloo’s white skill is unlimited then


Wouldn’t he just inifinitely loop this? I don’t think this would work as white skills shouldn’t be able to generate energy(if they did, again, then they’d loop over and over).


Skill Review :sunglasses:


White Skill :fist_right:

Review: I find it strange that this active gives him energy? And the amount of energy isn’t shown which means at high levels this active can be almost infinite unless your not on auto
Emoji: :thinking:
Notes: An alright skill, but again I find it strange that it can be… infinite?

Green Skill :crystal_ball:

Review: A scare skill not much to say here but it’s pretty good!
Emoji: :slightly_smiling_face:
Notes: N/A

Blue Skill :relieved:

Review: A nice revive skill which could be helpful for him to pull off his scare more often
Emoji: :slightly_smiling_face:
Notes: N/A

Purple Skill :fearful:

Review: Alright skill, not much to say here.
Emoji: :grin:
Notes: N/A

Red Skill :cold_sweat:

Review: Unique skill, not much to say here!
Emoji: :blush:
Notes: N/A

Final Notes

My Three Emojis: :grin::slightly_smiling_face::thinking:
Final Notes:
Baloo is a great tank! His skills support him a lot keeping enemy’s from attacking fragile back line and all even though he may not be as good as other tanks in game his skill-set is great! In a in-game sense His active is a problem though since it’s gives energy he would be infinitely looping this allowing his team to get obliterated by characters like Madam Mim and or Olaf.
Overall a great concept! :grin:



I have removed the “Energy” part in Baloo’s white skill, “Jungle Groove” so that he won’t infinitely repeat this skill over and over like a loop. Thanks for the feedback :grin:


I think it is okay if an active could grant energy, but to all allies

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