Gizmo nerf complain thread

I dont think this was the intent tho !
And its even higher now at like 76k

Another problem I see is the successive disastrous updates. first, it worsens in the outbreak that affects the hiring of mercenaries and the collection of gold. second disproportionate increase in the level of heroes in the invasion (R10 with red abilities. max). third, several nerfs on heroes and launching heroes always much stronger than the others. fourth, different promotions between players (for me promotion of 600 bottles of vigor for $ 29.90 and for another player 1900 bottles for the same price of $ 29.90) I can stay here enumerating several problems. In my opinion there shouldn’t be any heroes stronger than others (rank S +, S, A …) they should all be of the same level, fun and form teams with different combinations.


Um total absurdo o que a Perblue está fazendo com o Nerf do Robopato! Depois de tanto investimento e tempo para deixar o personagem upado, vocês simplesmente fazem isso sem nenhum tipo de aviso nem nada! A invasão por si só não é nada fácil, ainda mais pelos prêmios chulos que recebemos, e quando conseguimos evoluir um pouco, vem este Nerf insensato. Todos nós investimos muito nesse jogo, mas se esse tipo de coisa realmente se concretizar e continuar acontecendo vocês irão perder muito jogadores que realmente investem nesse jogo! Isso é muita falta de respeito e de consideração!


I want back the money i spent on gizmoduck


Do you work for PB? I have been playing this game fir a very long time and havent seen Gizmo used asnywhere else besides invasion!


Gizmo/launch pad/3little duckies/donalnd/Scrooge
Is a team i saw and i saw a version with gonzo over scrooge or goofy over donalnd with launch pad disc

I honestly do not care about the nerf since I have never even upgraded gizmo once. But Polaris has said that he will still be useful to invasion

That sound like a Bo peep 2.0 basicly useless. But time will tell

It’s just that invasion was the only mode enjoyable enough for me to play. So they went ahead and ruined it. I don’t care about it’s rewards or any of the upgrades it did for heroes. It was just fun with gizmo. Whatever the intention be what does it matter if someone is destroying a 77k bot. He’s investing time into it and basically it’s so much fun. Even before gizmo people were getting tiers done in like 1 hour. He reduced it to 30 min so what? Fun is the most important part isn’t it otherwise all game modes are boring or too much ptw. If the Nerf is going to affect significantly then I definitely will stop with invasion. Upgrading mods is stupid as it is for me. Those higher tier rewards means nothing as I don’t have enough chips to get a mod to +11. Highest I have is +6. So I couldnt have been able to use those rewards in a long time.
They ruined the only fun aspect of the game.


Excellent job pb … keep up nerfing invasion toons


Unpopular opinion:
I didn’t use Gizmoduck this way, still did fine in my server.
And I’m kinda glad its getting changed/fixed/nerfed (whatever you wanna call it).
Facts is people hoarded this “strategy” because they know its broken.
What is also a fact is that Gizmoduck is going to work as intentional (I believe), and this will affect everyone.
This also doesnt give a disadvantage to players who didnt use this strat and evens out the playing field imo.


I can understand the cap. Dont like it because PerBlue didnt address why people think they need it. how about capping mamabot at level 3000 or so and make people grind.

Or increase the number of breakers and power ups awarded to make the other heroes up to the task that two-three heavy hitters could do the same with 3xbreakers that gizmo did with one.

how about telling us how you (PerBlue) see guilds work together and cooperate to maximize benefit instead of “fixing” symptoms of a larger underlying issue.

The other big cheese was the blatant cash grab the day before the nerf. I felt disappointed to see Gizmo cash deal with Duke deal and all deals geared to power them up for invasion because i suspected a nerf.

This is a trust and communication issue to the extreme and I can only hope PerBlue can acknowledge the root problem instead of moving to the next nerf.


You can still use gizmo it’s not that bad

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Thanks for the insight, o traveller from the future :stuck_out_tongue:


What blue team were people using to get all the invasion tiers done in one hour before Gizmoduck?

And for those saying one toon shouldn’t make a difference in invasion (this one sure as hell did), I would say we needed more toons that had this ability , now more then ever. Not every toon survives. I agree with what others said, if points was the concern, been better to cap the mama bot level like at 5k or so instead to keep the guild working together vibe


Blue team invasion can be done with a team based around Stitch and animal. It’s not insane like gizmo but stitch is capable of doing several hundred million damage on his own from higher level bots.

I am definitely sad about this. I see the intent because I know that gizmo was way more powerful than he should’ve been against bots. But everyone knows that invasion is a LOT of grinding for very few rewards. Apparently, per blue is the only one that doesn’t know that.


For those that didn’t try Gizmo and don’t know how he performed, here we see a team with not a single flame between them taking out an invasion Boss of 14,000+ with a single breaker and no buffs (btw there was no difference between a 14k not or a 60k bot)

Gizmo Pre Nerf


Can’t people just add other heroes that reduce armor ? Has anyone tried Davy Jones with his Hook disk that reduces enemy armor when studied ?


Do you know the numbers?

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