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So it has been brought to my attention that in global chat on server 14 there seems to be a bug, I could be wrong, with the texts. Sometimes a player might say something and it disappears in the next few seconds. I don’t know why this is happening. This has been happening to most players that I’m aware of, including me. I’d like this bug fixed so that the players on my server will not only be able to enjoy their time, but also not have to log in and out of the game excessively, shut down their device, etc. Have any ideas what this could be caused by?


As a Server 8 player, this happens a lot(from what i noticed). I’m assuming it’s a strange glitch in the feature, but we’ll let the devs figure it out. I wonder if this will be fixed in a future update…

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I hope that it does get fixed…quite a few people in my server aren’t happy about it and I’ve told them about support tickets and forum. Still as far as I know they haven’t used any support tickets, etc.


I’m in server 14 and I’m having some bug too, but a different one.

Global suddenly stopped receiving chats. I thought the chat is dead. But when I exit the game and go back right away, I found out that people didn’t stop chatting. Other chats are fine, just the global.

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Possibly a bug if it’s others text, otherwise it’s a collapse feature to make you have more of others text before it deletes the line


The same has happened to me on multiple occasions.

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Every now & then I’ve gone to the global chat here on s16 to do recruitment for my guild. While I was there I’ve noticed different people complaining about their post disappearing. I thought maybe there was a moderater deleting post or something. Then later I thought there was no mods in chat. So just maybe this bug is also on s16.


From the sounds of it this bug is on multiple servers then.

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This is actually a bug (I think) in every server. It’s happened in Server 1 and other servers as far as I know


It happens on server 4 too

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Sever 8 here, I used to rhink it was a wifi problem…but they read my messages before they disappeared!!!

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So I decided to go and chat on global but all messages kept disappearing today. I was chatting with someone, but now it looks like they were chatting with themselves now. This is getting frustrating now…is there anyway that this can be fixed?