Goliath and The Beast Friendship campaign

I’m having trouble getting through Episode 5 “Witch Way To Go”. Team power is at 3.13 and enemy power is at 727,901. I should be able to get through it but once I get to the last wave, Goliath is the last one left. The Beast automatically gets killed in the first wave, Megavolt and Pooh are automatically killed in the second wave. It’s very frustrating because I should be able to beat it but I can’t because my characters keep getting wiped out. I have tried taking Pooh and Megavolt out but that hasn’t worked either. Does my team power need to be higher in order to take out the enemy?

Obviously, not sure why you need to.

No it doesn’t. Making the right team comps can beat higher Team Power opponents.

3.13 million?

I suggest working on Pooh to help you. (Maybe Megavolt, can’t say for sure) Also what are the enemies and do you have any powerups?

The enemies are Jack Sparrow, Baymax, Sally, Rapunzel, Maui, Fix it Felix, etc

Try getting Pooh and Goliath higher

If that doesn’t help do friendship power up missions

They boost team power

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