Goliath synergy

Infinite armor
Goliath (bogo)
Gizmoduck (launchpad)
Barbosa (dalma)
Robin Hood (nick)
Capitan hook (Peter pan)
Or stitch (hatter) better instead Barbosa
Unmoving object meets stun army
Goliath (beast)
Evil queen (Gaston)
Donald nephews(Donald)
Robin Hood (Merida)
Are this teams viable to work for and powerful?

The second one could work if you replace Robin with Launchpad (Hiro disk).

The first one… I don’t know


I didn’t know what support hero to put on the second And I thought launchpad was only good in full blind team
The first one is to make a armor engine based on study with gizmoduck’s skills, launchpad disk, Goliath purple skill and bogo disk, in adicion to study based damage dealers

Launchpad is always great to have. Especially with Hiro disk and stun allies.

But isn’t the launchpad disk only to red characters?

Sorry my mistake the skill power is only to red characters but the stun duration of control is not team especific

One last thing a breaf time ago I made a full monsters Inc team tread on this forum but didn’t got an opinion from anyone if it was good or not
I already started to work on it and don’t know if it’s a wast of time or not.

Mike and Sulley aren’t worth it (Sulley is decent with red skill).
Randall, though not as OP as he used to be, is still pretty good

Replace hook with merlin and you’ve got a fine team. I’m already using something like this but I don’t have Goliath or gizmo’s disks yet.

But with Merlin the disk beast one because of the attack speed buff right?
Also the crit synergy with Merlin is better than more study cc with hook

No, actually I’d say his genie disk is better. But really there’s no reason to not use Merlin on a study team. He’ll be firing off squirrels left and right.

Isn’t that the point so that he disturbes the enemy team?

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I’ll say his ability to shut down the enemy team is pretty disturbing.

One character…donald.
Face 1 donald and suddenly your own team will be squirrelly.

Also do not replace hook wirh merlin…
Why kn the world would you replace a meta character with a mid low tier character…

I wouldn’t consider hook meta(at least not on my server), nor would I consider Merlin low tier. You do have a fair point about Donald, but he’d also give hook a tough time with his healing.

Really, aside from Donald and T&P, Merlin is very powerful.


Meta isn’t very meaningful anyway. Synergy is what matters. And that’s a study team, perfect for Merlin


Merlin…powerful sorry i cant see that

If you played the game at this time last year you’d definitely see it. He was on literally every team.


I did not play last year but right now he doesnt seem that strong
specially with scar being effected by the randal fixes
as scar skill says he is untargetable when invisible but he is targetable because randal was not supposed to get scars unique “untargetable frature”
Invisiblity bug fixes make john cena u cant see teams not meta

This was the team-

Baymax, aladdin, Merlin, Barbossa. 5th slot was the player’s preference. Within 4 seconds the entire enemy team was squirrels.

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