Good Time for Red Invasion

Indicate me good teams for the invasion of the red team, please.

Against Mama Bots I highly recommend this team:

  • Goofy (Je)
  • Elastigirl (JJ)
  • Gizmo (Du)
  • Mickey (JS)
  • Scrooge (He)

Never use HDL disk on Scrooge in bot fights, because it’ll cause Elastigirl to get KO’ed

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Try this:
Mr. Incredible (El)
Gizmo Duck
Animal (Go)
Stitch (Mo)

You may need some invincibility to keep Mr Inc alive. For lower level bots, pooh is a decent replacement for Mr Inc (maybe with armor shred). And some use Mickey instead of stitch, but I need to keep the bot from attacking.

Bad combo. It means less armor for Gizmo to shred, which means less skill power for allies.


It’s only the read them I’m good at in the invasion

And which level bot you can kill with this team?

I dunno the max yet (because I am F2P). But I’ve beaten bots at at least level 1200 with that team. On quick fight too.

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I think

  • Hades(Me)
  • Gizmo(Du)
  • Pleakley(Ju)
  • KL(Pe)/Stitch(Ma)
  • Animal

Your team will not work on bot like this! And you don’t Need money to use the Right team for that :slight_smile:

Also not a good Team…

Its a good team.Many players smash invasion with these.


Are you one of them? Try to destroy 20k bot and then talk!

Hey. Calm down… Nobody meant to offend you. And Umar has had success with his team, so I think he knows why to use it.


Wow! I want to know your team.

It is a good team. I typically use Pooh and Mr Inc instead of Hades and Stitch but might try that, too.

Hades can double pleak’s damage and can protect too.

I use this team, and idk if it’s the absolute best possible available from every hero, but I can confirm that it is good.

Turning up just to bash everyone’s suggestions without offering any alternative is not particularly helpful to anybody


thank you all, I will test these teams

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Have you even tried it out?

And anyways, I’m happy with my team. It’s worked out enough for me to finish all tiers, which is all I want.


Yes I tried it on my bot: can’t make even 10% damage

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