Goofy insta-killed?

Hi! I’m trying out Goofy as a tank on some of my teams, but for some reason hes killed instantly in most of the places I use him (Campaign, Trials, etc). Hes the same level as the rest of the people on the team, and his skills are upgraded as well. Hes currently level 46, Blue+2. Any suggestions to either fix him, or replace him with someone?

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From what I’ve heard Goofy isn’t good but not bad, it could just be your team. If you’re wanting to replace him, I suggest Winnie the Pooh or Maximus.

Goofy has low armor AND reality. The reason he dies instantly because of that, especially when facing someone deals ton of normal damage (Dash for instance)

Later in the game, when he gets to red ranks, his red skill gives him bonus armor and reality, helping him tankier

If he is your favorite and you plan on using him, keep working on him and his red skill in the future but that will take a while. Instead, if you just want to have a strong tank, look at others. Pooh and Maximus are better choice

One more thing, you coulf equip HP mods on him and upgrade them with armor piece. That could br helpful

P/s: I’m using Goofy and he is at R11. With his red skill, he become more useful. But it will take time. The choice is yours


That makes sense, thank you both! I’m still trying to figure out how everything works, but I’ll have to see if I can nab one of those two to help. Slowly but surely!

Yes, I agree with replies above. I think some people use him because he can increase speed by like 75 percent or something sometimes, so he’s a meh. Animal does better speed stuff anyway.

I try using him also because his disk makes blinded opponents take triple damage which is kind of nice.

Oh yeah! It helped when I was trying to get that powerline disk… man I saw that goofy banana slip thing so many times bahaha it was annoying

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