Got stuck on the Goliath-Bogo friend campaign

I can’t beat Mickey Mouse in the Goliath-Bogo friend campaign(chapter 3 in episode 1).

Goliath deals good damage to him, but he just keeps healing himself.

Since he frequently uses his white skill, there’s almost no chance to beat him unless killing him in a single hit. But both Goliath and Bogo will be unlikely to deal that much damage until they’re really maxed out, and don’t have disables to disrupt his skill activation.

Any advice for me?

Here’s my Goliath and Bogo

Mickey’s Red Skill gives him a ton of armor so normal damage skill may not deal too much damage, pls try leveling up fantastic damage skill.

Also, because Mickey deals too little damage, try to NOT activate Bogo and Goliah’s white skills. They will not be helpful as they will stop them from usinh other damage skills. And of course, dont play it on auto


Thanks for the advise.
But I wonder I really shouldn’t use their active skill because Goliath can deal fantastic damage only with his white skill and Bogo’s white skill triggers Blinding Justice which deals fantastic damage.
Anyway, I’ll try again without using their skills and thank you for your help.

Bogo’s would benefit you if he was upgraded enough to deal good damage, as he would get to spam his blue skill. Goliath’s… not really, he loses a lot of time and the damage is only good if he receives a lot, which doesn’t happen against Mickey


Oopps I forgot that Bogo got a refresh a while ago. In that case, update his blue skill to max and continously spamming his white

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Thanks a lot!
I’ll upgrade Bogo’s blue skill:)
Maybe I should use SP mod to increase its skill level?

Bogo disc with Calhoun allows him to stun and knock back multiple enemies at the start of wave. I think you could try. Mr.I’s disc is better overall but in this case, it may not be the best choice because Mickey cant K.O Bogo

If Bogo is your main heroes then you could use mods to increase skill power and/or his lv with mods upgrade. Just that I will cost you resources. Of course you could equip it to other heroes later nut I still think it’s a little too much to just unlock a disc

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Thank you again.
I’ll try that too!

One of trick I use in friend campaign in case I only have 1 main heroes out of 2 (or as luck has it, out of 5), rather than working on SOME of them, I focus solely on that one, making them super strong that they can solo the campaign without the help of others (I dont have that much resources to spare)

Back then with the old friend system, I completed Evil Queen-Gaston campaign using mainly Evil Queen. Others just walk in the fight and instantly die. My Queen handles the rest on her own

In your case, it’s a little bit harder as Bogo and Goliah are not heave damage dealer :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: You could enhance some badges to boost their power. Hopefully you could get this disc soon. Good luck!


Yeah, that’s the same strategy I used for many campaigns. Even Tron was able to do the campaign on his own once he got to a good enough level to deal good damage.

But yeah pretty hard if the characters are Goliath and Bogo

While my reply will be completely useless to your situation, I felt like pointing out how similar this feels to the Joy/Olaf campaign. That one is brutal. Especially when they have enemies that heal faster than Olaf can damage or enemies that revive after reaching 1hp in which case defeating them before the timer runs out is a challenge.

Yeah, that one was stupidly difficult when I had to do it. And if Jessie and Robin’s refreshes helped, Mr. Incredible and QoH’s didn’t help at all

I remember that disc as well and how horribly it put me through… I only have Mickey and Olaf and Joy updated, others are not so it is really really hard for me to get that disc, using only Olaf

Maybe I was a little stubborn that I refused to work on Jessie and Robin but in the end, everything turned out well. I had to wait around 6 months to power-up Olaf to R4 to defeat some Orange enemies though, can you believe that???

Yeah. For me Robin Hood helped a lot even on O3, otherwise I doubt my R1 Olaf would’ve been enough

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Now the Joy/Olaf campaign is even worse than it used to be… looks at QoH

This is an issue. PerBlue needs to test out campaigns before releasing refreshes.

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Refreshes should be strong and game-changing.

PB just should remove refreshed hero from the fights (as an enemy).
Then reduce levels and ranks of enemies and lastly disable for good red skills from enemies, how it comes enemies have maxed red skills immediately but for the player it takes 4 months?! How it’s fair?

Polaris said there are plans for power-ups, maybe it will resolve some problems…


Thanks to your kind help, I’ve finally completed episode 1 and got the disk🤣



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