Grand Concept Creator Of 2020 - Concept Creation Contest Announcement


This is the motto of the first Concept Creation Contest who will crown the First Grand Concept Creator Of 2020.

21st April is the World Creativity Day and what’s more creative than a concept…
And the winner of this contest will be crowned as the Concept Creator Of The Year…
So, the contest is about to begin in some days…
emp new groove
If you want to be in the judge committee you can send me a private message… Don’t upload your concepts yet… This is just the announcement… When the time comes, you’ll know…
So, who’s excited?
Stay sharp for upcoming announcements…


Wait is this another character concept contest? If so, count me in! :grin: (as an participant and not a judge)

A simple note: Judges won’t be able to upload concepts


Well, I’ll just be a participant.


Would hero REWORKS and Unlikely characters count?

Hmm this sounds pretty interesting. I have a lot of characters I could choose from to make a concept.


Just a possibly offending question

Doesn’t anyone think it is a little weird and illogical to be called “Concept Creator of 2020” in the first few months of the year”? Anyone?


Yes I have to agree here.
That should be an award at the end of a year. Like an Oscar.

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Woo hoo! Count me in! When does it start?

In some days… Just wait…

Do unlikely concepts count?

Everything in time…

I would participate and try to add another medal to my name, but I’m really out of practice making concepts. Best of luck to everyone competing and judging! :heart:

I thought about it. But in would be trash

Guys, you don’t know that… Your concept might like to the judges…

Will the likely and unlikely category be separated or together? @CaptainAmerica02?

What do you mean?

I mean that you have to think positive about your submissions.

I will upload a new topic which will explain every detail you want to learn… But, possibly, the two categories will be separated…

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