Guild bonus bug

We can’t buy any bonuses un our guild, when we tap on an upgrade, the page choice Button shakes and it makes we can’t press/ buy upgrades.
Please do something.

Your game is perfect!!

First of all, if there’s a bug, then can you really say the game is “perfect”? :thinking:

Second, this is already being addressed in the upcoming update.


There’s even going to be a compensation. Stop complaining

What is the compensation going to be?


We discuss that once everything is fixed.


If the team is open to suggestions…

  • 5x Guild Trophy Large
  • 10x Guild Crate
  • 200k Disc Power
  • 10x Single Diamond Crate

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Full of lies as always there was no compensation as usual we are only told what we want to hear

Compensation is being worked on now. We always discuss the compensation internally once it’s been fixed and in game. We have to make sure the fix works don’t want to send compensation out too early incase there is another bug.

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The compensation should be sent out by the end of the day today.

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As you saw here…


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