Guild influence after maxed with no new guild perks to buy


Since we getting jimminie crickets in support tickets and forums about when are more perks being added (right @Jody_Caviness and @Angry_Chair), how about this idea…

For every 100 influence points that the guild generates when full, it gets converted into 100 or 50 guild coins or some other kind of currency. I know sorcesors’ arena does if u max out a toon and still earn chips for said toon, it converts to a wildcard coin to use in shops. Why can’t the same concept be done here in battle heroes? This way all the influence people generated if max storage, max perks, all consumables bought at the time, etc doesn’t go to waste.

Thoughts @Polaris or anyone for that matter? I know you guys discuss things in meetings, but players are not part of those meetings obviously and only see things when actual happens in the game, so any feedback appreciated on a time table of either new perks coming or thoughts on this.


@Captain_C that’s a great idea :+1:. Regardless if more guild perks are added at some point, this feature would be a great way to ensure that numerous guilds are just not losing out on hard earned (or $) influence that’s generated.

It would be nice to have some way to do something with all this wasted guild influence; right now, there’s no point in asking players to finish their daily quests or otherwise earn influence for the guild, as there’s nothing left to spend it on, except for the consumables once a week.

Does anyone else at Perblue besides @Polaris review forum posts? I still want to hear their feedback on this topic.

We know that having full guild influence is a problem, and we have more consumable perks being worked on.


Have they considered expanding some existing perks?

  1. Deeper discounts on market or even better increased 2x campaign drop rate (like 6%, 9%,…).
  2. Expanding the guild and gold crate perks.
  3. Surge perks
  4. War rewards perks
    You get the idea.
    The right consumables are great but they also have timers. What if some of these timers were also lifted?

Thank you for responding @Polaris. Was beginning to think of months of trying to bring attention to it, and make suggestions on multiple forum posts and support tickets it was going ignored and they were going forgotten going foward. Again thanks for responding.

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From thinking in terms of a business I can understand why they would want timers for them, but honestly I think they all should be at most halved, since a week way too much for most of those perks and think 15 for 1 pair of sunglasses is more in line with game costs then 30 days especially if trying to close the gap as they say and maybe attract more people to game.

With that said I do agree with you on drop rate perks need improvement and current perks like hire mercs, check in rewards, etc can use a lifting as game costs go up constantly faster then these things being adjusted accordingly.

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