Guild Sabotage and the Spirit of the Game

Friendly reminder that we strive for civility in competition. From the Terms of Use: You agree NOT to engage in cheating or any other activity deemed by PerBlue to be in conflict with the spirit or intent of the Game.

Using a game mechanic to sabotage another guild and disrupt their ability to claim rewards or play the game is a violation of the Terms of Use. When we added the one month cooldown after being kicked from a guild with 1.12, the intention was to help guilds keep open membership without having to be harassed or spammed by the same people joining over and over again. Using this mechanic in an act of sabotage against another guild is not acceptable.

This type of behavior will not be tolerated and will result in players being permanently banned from the game.

I strongly encourage guild leadership to be careful with who you give the rank of Officer and higher, as you have to trust those players to act for the good of the guild.