Guild War 3 Extra Attacks

Okay, I know that all officers do have one extra attack in guild war, but according to the perk we unlocked, we should have three extra attacks! Shouldn’t each of us have three extra attack? Am I missing something or completely misread it? Thank you for your help!

You can’t use more than 2 attack in war

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Really? Why does the perk say three extra attacks?

The three extra attacks go into a pool for officers to use. However, no single person can use more than two attacks (standard+extra) in a war.


Any extra attacks are for the entire guild. So 3 extra attacks is 3 total, not 3 per person/officer/etc.

Extra attacks can only be used by specific ranking members of the guild, as decided by the guild leader and set as an option (it sounds like your guild is set to officer and above only, very wise).

Regardless of your rank, power or how many extra attacks are available to the guild, you cannot attack more than twice in a single war.



Thank you so much for clarifying it for me. It makes a lot of sense to me. I’ll definitely explain to my officers and champions. Again, thank you!

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Al the extra attacks cant be use by all our veterans and higher

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