Guild War broken for February?


Since the update, February’s guild wars have been crazy. My guild is currently stuck in bronze but we should be ranked in around gold or plat but we have been going against people who are somewhat higher than us. We have most of our wars and won one I think? Yet we are still in bronze? Today we got places against a 700ish MMR guild while we stand around 500ish. How does this make sense?! I’m attaching pictures. Please let me know if I’m crazy or not.


Couple things that are discrepancies between what you said and what you show. You claim to be in Bronze which is 2 wins but the screenshot shows you guys as unranked. It also shows your previous war was a loss. Next thing is that only 3 wars have happened this month meaning the highest any guild can be is Silver.

Outside of that you would be paired with the next closest guild MMR wise which considering both of you are unranked means that you have gone 0-3 so it’s not too far to say that they are on par with you guys. It may have been strength of schedule being pitted against steonger guilds that now you guys get the short end of the stick. All seems right if all this is true.


Ya I realized after looking again we are unranked. I went off the color of the rank symbol. I would’ve figured if we had lost it would put us against someone who was easier rather than harder. Also doesn’t the MMR change after you lose?


So maybe a little clarification, or at least feedback. Our guild rank is in the 40s for our server. We do ok. Our first war was against the guild ranked at 18th. Second War was against guild ranked at 19th. Third war was against guild ranked at 28th. Our current war is against the guild ranked 13th. Needless to say we are definitely going to lose.

The MMR has been steadily dropping, but this War will not be even remotely close. And even if everything within the system ranking is fine, this situation doesn’t feel great.


MMR does change based on wins and losses. It seems to stay around 40 points increase for a win and about 20 points for a loss. As for your schedule it is unfortunate the level of guilds you fought have been so far but if that guild may have had a stronger guild each of their first 3 wars thus leading to a 0-3 record and being paired against you guys. It definitely is rough but that just seems to be how it played out.


Following on from or adding to what @Kinokan said:

Let’s say you finished 16th (as an example - simplest to explain without people sitting out wars and such)… You played the team in 15th and lost, but your MMR then would have been close… The team in 1st played 2nd, 3rd played 4th, etc… Assume everyone in an odd position won… The means that 2nd, 4th, 6th, etc were in the same rank for war 2 - 2nd (in the new 1st position) played 4th (in the new 2nd), 6th (now 3rd) played 8th (now 4th), and you, from 16th (now 8th), played 14th (now 7th) - the MMR gap being slightly bigger, and you lost… War 3 comes along, the orginal 4th (now 1st) play the original 8th (now 2nd) and you play 12th (now 3rd), and again, the gap in MMR gets even bigger, and again you’ve lost… This war you’re playing the original 8th placed team as the original 6th place, so the MMR gap is much, much bigger, but that’s the closest one to you that is available, and it’s just unlucky that they are much stronger than you but were not as strong as their own previous opponents…

Now, as I said, that’s a very simplified version, it gets more complicated with people sitting out wars so you can’t predict opponents, the algorithm that supposedly prevents you facing the same opponent too close together, and a few other factors…

But the main thing is, there is logic behind the MMR being so vastly different if both teams are still in the unranked position and it’s the 4th war…


Oh no!!! You got stuck against Rizon’s guild XD good luck!!


Hahaha we already gave up. I’m just going to do my daily mission and be done.


Seems like an odd system. Do you think that there is a better way of figuring out the war situation?


Definitely, they could take power into account as well as placement… In your current situation this may be the closest match they could do in both power rank and MMR, though it seems unlikely, but if that’s the case then they could look at some sort of “handicap”… Something like, “the total power of the 2 Guilds is 5mil and 4mil, respectively, so we’re going to temporarily increase the power of Guild B by 15% across all stats to bring the power to 4.6mil - that’ll give them a better chance, but also maintain the advantage for Guild A, making the war about tactics, as it should be” - alternatively, they could “weaken” the other team by 10% and bring them to 4.5mil, still giving them the advantage, but more fair and balanced gameplay…

Another solution could be that the cost of sabotages could depend on the power difference - if one team is much stronger than the other team already, make it more expensive to sabotage, and vice versa, make it cheaper for the weaker team to sabotage… Then, if the stronger team really wants that win, they’ll spend to get it, and likewise with the weaker team…

A third solution could be to offer the weaker guild in every war purchasable buffs in the sabotage phase, only available to leaders and champions - these buffs could be something like “temporary immunity for one car for one fight”, or “ignore sabotage attempts against this character”, or “increase this characters X stat by Y amount when defending”, e.g. increase this Sulley’s attack speed by 25%, and so on with various different purchasable buffs - the higher the difference in power between the guilds, the more variety and more powerful the buffs available… This will help balance the war, while giving PB more money from weaker guilds who want to win…

That’s just three random solutions in the last 10 minutes, only the first one was one I’d thought of before I started writing… How a team of devs have not thought of and implemented more, I’ll never know…


Maybe they didnt want to?


Sorry, but you made me laugh out loud! :smile:

“Maybe they didn’t want to!” lol exactly!


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