Guild war is a mess lols


When the guild war started

Top guilds complain why lower rank guild can reach legendary…

After 2seasons

Top guilds is dominating legendary (which the legendary should be)
Lower rank guilds complain they cant get to legendary anymore bec of a fair by rank and mmr match making…

After 1.8
They change the matchmaking to mmr only, regardless what rank you are in…

And now…

Many top guilds will suffer and will not reach legendary this season, while low ranker guilds gets the legendary perks and prizes hahahaha

@Polaris wil PB will revert the matchmaking?


As sung in Hamilton,

:musical_note: And I know,
He will never be satisfied,
I will never be satisfied… :musical_note:


BOO! you poor nonsupporter (poor as in weak guilds). What do you consider poor? Not in the top 200? That’s messed up dude. The game is meant to be fair. Tbh the only thing that is unfair is the “Fortify the network contest.” They tortured us the last time when the 1M points prize was 100 DIAMOND CRATES!!! I say Adair was in DHBM for the poor AND the VIP-lvl-11+’s (VIP’s at VIP lvl 11 of more)


What the??? Where did the poor came from??
What a joke…


Well he is actually right, I’m in Perks n merks (currently top 35) on server 1 and we are facing the same guilds over and over, we still have a lot of time to get legendary but yeah it’s boring to play this way.