Half the exp after exp bost

Hi guys, i used the item that grants you double exp from campaign and assault and the one that grants double reward, i wanted to push my team level during the event but now i only get 6 exp after every battle, normally i get 12, so thats the half…im vip level 4

Are you sure it was the Double XP item? Can you post an image of it?


Or maybe you joined a guild that offers double TL xp until lvl 100, thats one of the perks. Then you got TL 100, so the double TL xp from the guild won’t affect you anymore.

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That isn’t the case, Hallowsphere :neutral_face:


Ohhhh, thats the hero xp, not the TL xp. You did have the wrong item.

Yeah, Hallowsphere is correct. If you want double team XP, you need the sunglasses and not the cans of XP


As said by Hallowsphere above you need “the goggles”. They give double team XP.
However, the item you used only gives double of hero XP, the bottles (XP drinks) you need to get individual heroes some levels higher.

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Maybe i was not clear, usually without any item i get 12 exp every attack, now i used that 2 item and i get 6…

What’s your TL? That might have to do with why you don’t get 12 TL xp anymore…

117, anyway, can i stack the googles items? I have 3 of them

I never tried stacking the double xp boosts, idk if it’s going to work.

I checked now, u cant
Its so boring that i have to use 1 item to get to 12 exp from battle, i should have got 24…

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