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Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer tries its best to cleanse its allies of bad effects and debuffs.

“Squirt Squirt”

Stars: :star::star::star:

Role: Support

Position: Mid-line

Basic Attack: Squirts sanitizer at enemies.

White: 99.9% Germs

Hand sanitizer cleanses all allies from all debuffs except one and increases their armor by x for 7 seconds

Green: Burning Sensation

When hand sanitizer uses their white skill one enemy below 30% of their max HP will have their armor reduced by X and take X damage over time for 4 seconds.

Blue: Germs away!

All allies are now as well healed for x health after hand sanitizer uses its white skill, this skills also gives sanitizer X reality

Purple: Double Coat

If hand sanitizer uses its white skill when below 10% of its max HP hand sanitizer will become invincible and gain immunity to disables for 5 seconds

Red: Sanitizer and Soap

When hand sanitizer is defeated all allies gain immunity to fantastic damage and disables for 5 seconds.

Friendships / Disks

Hand Sanitizer - Baymax

“Health & Care”
Each time Hand Sanitizer cleanses an ally Hand Sanitizer gains 2 random buffs for 5 seconds.
+327 skill power

Hand Sanitizer - Joy

“Safety First”

Hand Sanitizer gains 50% more armor when attacked by a disabled enemy for 8 seconds, Hand Sanitizer heals itself when buffing an ally.
+350 reality

Thanks for reading! This is a concept I did in a PM out of boredom but I’ve decided to post it in public because why not? Thanks for reading!


As soon as I saw the title - I died of laughter. Good concept!


This concept made me laugh! Great concept!

I wonder how Hand Sanitizer will interact with Baymax and Joy.

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This is the most ridiculous concept ever, other than the one of a train lol


Do toilet paper next!


:sweat_smile: why hand sanitizer is a hero

It is meant to be a joke and it is a good concept.


Petition to animate this as a disney character!


Why is hand sanitizer a hero?
It is funny and confusing

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This is actually really funny, and amusing, I have looked at it 3 times in the last 10 mins, This should be added just to lighten the mood of others!

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This gave me a great cheer for an awful day today! :grin: I’ll admit this concept is awesome!


That’s a bad word.

I can relate to that

I wouldn’t call it a bad word, just not a good word

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Sorry everyone. :sweat_smile:

I’ll rephrase it then- “A great cheer for an awful day.”

Allow me to tell you about any rating system ever for movies, tv shows, or video games. All of them would beg to differ.

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