Harassment Policy Reminder

Hello everyone! This is not a post I ever wanted to make, but we have been seeing an increase in staff harassment in support tickets recently and need to make a reminder that this is absolutely not acceptable. Harassment of any kind has and always will be against our rules and TOS. If you send in a support ticket with vulgar language and harassment you can and will be banned. It is awful that it has gotten to a point where this post was necessary and I hope with this warning it will end soon. It is also not acceptable on the forums, but we have not seen any increase here this is just incase people feel the need to come into the Dev Q&A tomorrow being inappropriate.

Hope everyone has a good week.


I wanted to write something, but I am just going to pin something I wrote on Discord.

Some people are just way more aggressive, doesn´t mean others will be quiet forever…


Talking about this.

What kind of topics are going to be talked in the Q&A?


This does not feel like an appropriate response to me for this post. This feels mildly threatening to my team and it is not appreciated. There is no reason to be “on edge” this is a Disney game. There is no reason to be aggressive to members of staff EVER. In any sense not even in Disney Heroes. I hope no one is ever aggressive to people just doing their jobs and I am trying to protect my employees the best I can.



That is up to the community! We answer your questions in the live Q&A!


That is a real shame that people seem to forget the so-called “Golden Rule” of “Treat others as you wish to be treated”.


I wish people would just realize a game is a game. Have fun, or if you can’t then just move on to something else.

Of course feedback is fine, but it should always be constructive. And you should realize everyone has different opinions about it.

Games are a form of art and will always be subjective, and the most important thing remains the creative vision of the creators above all.


I fully agree with this :hearts:

If you are at the point where you’re having an extremely negative mental view of something and begin taking it out on the people working on it it is time to move on.


People just gotta chill out because it’s just a game


I understand being passionate about the game, and though I should say there is never a time when harassment is an appropriate (or effective) form of communication, I do feel that the Disney Heroes team deserves some props lately with new features and changes that feel genuinely geared toward player feedback.

In particular patch is taking things in an interesting direction and I am very happy to see old heroes being given more attention more quickly (even if mostly just stat refreshes). As well as the elephant in the room that is Zeus’ overusage.

So just a bit of due appreciation to the PB team. I like to complain too sometimes, but being mean hasn’t and won’t change anything!


We appreciate you so much too! Constructive feedback is always what we want! The team has been working so hard with Patch to make sure all the old heroes are able to get attention.


CS never stood for Customer Service, it stands for Complaint Sponge :crazy_face:

People love to moan, especially online where there’s no tangible recourse. People are strange 😵‍💫


I wish people would realize that who they’re talking to online also have feelings and having a whole day of anger thrown at them when they’re just doing their job is not helpful. The saying of “you get more flies with honey than with vinegar” is 100% the best thing for CS. If you send us tickets that are just swearing and harassing that is not the way to get anything solved because you’re just breaking more rules.

Obviously you know this @Pipsqueak you’ve always been amazing with your constructive feedback :hearts:


Oh so there’s no specific topics like previous ones.

(Example of previous one)

Interesting. Thanks for that. Also as a side note.

The previous Q&A shouldn’t be closed now?

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We decided to just do the live Q&A this time as the team is very busy with break coming up. For specific topics like that we’re just going to be doing the Feedback specific threads that we’ve been doing recently now so they’re also not restricted to just State of the Game time.


It’s sad that people get mad at a game in this way. Don’t go off on the support, if there’s a problem with the game you don’t have to call support an idiot, they’re people too. I hope everyone support isn’t affected by this negative attitude :heart:


I know I took a fairly harsh view when @Loutre you took over from Polaris :laughing: but yeah you’re fine :wink:

sorry 🥹

More people need to understand that it’s not their game, they aren’t the only ones playing it, and code does not magically appear :face_with_monocle:


I really don’t understand people who do this. It’s just a game, and if you don’t like it, then move on and find something else to enjoy instead of hating on the staff who are just DOING THEIR JOB.

I’ve seen so many people do this and it makes me so angry. Alot of them who think they can just hate and harass simply because it’s not to their liking. Of course, you can give them constructive feedback, but hating is not the answer. (And people should also know that, unless they work for PB, they do not know how long it takes to make/refresh heroes, because it does take a long time. And they’re already working hard on that, especially these days. Give them a break.)

Anyway, all that aside, I really like the game and I appreciate the team and how hard they’ve been working on the new features and heroes, they deserve some credit!


What kind of harassment are we talking about? Are we talking “I want this and you stink if you don’t give it to me now” harassment or just “You people stink and I wish this game never existed” harassment?

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Any harassment is never tolerated

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