Have your best hero’s at the highest rank of you want to get to the hub badly

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Well duh…

Also 3 topics in the span of a few minutes is way too many and borderline spam. Please stop.


Dude I was just board and you do not want to start with me

First of all if you are overall able to access the Hub depends on what server you are on, since only the oldest servers have the Hub.

But yeah, beside that you should to level up the newest characters if you are still low leveled like level 120 and under, that way it will be easier for you to progress later :-).

As for what is the best way to level and progress is mainly to be active and try to get as many of the daily rewards as you can.

Well Polaris told me that after chapter 38 then you will see it

But yeah, here are some preview kind of and here is what the Hub and Chapter 39 looks like :-).


Thanks infact It looks cool and I only have 12 more chapters

Non problem and yeah, thought I help :-).

TBH that looks like Big hero 6

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Awesome! Am waiting to clear chapter 34!

Cool and hope you clear chapter 34 soon ^^.
I can say that from chapter 35 definitely read the story, it gets really interesting in Chapter 35 and onwards :-).

If you need help with chapter 34 I am happy to try and help you by giving tips to beat the enemies.

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