Healing over time question

@Polaris Balu’s Simba Nala friendship disk increases the length of heal over time buffs to Balu and allies. My question is how does this work with skills that heal a specific amount over a time frame vs skills that heal x amount per second over a time frame. Ie: I can see the benefit of the disk when paired with someone like linguini and remy whose red skill heals allies x# of HP PER SECOND over 5 seconds (now they heal x amount over 5+x seconds), same with pumbas green, rafikis white, kristoff’s kida disk, etc…but what about linguini and Remy’s green skill that heals a static 75% over 8 seconds. Wouldnt extending that time actually reduce the amount they are healed PER SECOND? similar to skills like Hank and dory’s purple, or genie’s white skill. It seems balu’s Simba disk would have a negative affect on these skills since it would heal less per second and take longer to do.


In my opinion it should not be reduced, since like the purple ability of Mickey that heals 30% of the health of the allies while “Tuned up” is activated, to this ability we add a duration increase as the ability Kevin’s red. It will continue to heal the same, but for longer, since it heals a maximum health portion per second, every second heals that amount.

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