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Players who joined the heist creator, must have the rights not to be booted to the game. For example, if he/she already in last minutes of heist battle. The creator of the heist cant be granted any access to boot someone. This is unfair to the members who participated througout the entire game.


I e had this problem so many times and been booted a s the final match is being played.

I got booted off an easy heist because I didn’t put a hero on a diamond
Bare in mind I had the highest heroes at the time team avg 220k all the others were newbies barring the person who started heist.
Plus, when you are booted you don’t get rewards and it’s wrong.
Someone on the global chat had the cheek to tell me to shut up when I pulled them up about what they did and got told that I didn’t participate… I was fuming. :triumph:

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The rewards must still be given even if someone was booted. And the free ticket should have been increased atles 3pcs, because it is expensive to buy at city watch market. I even noticed that if you play seemingly to heist battle. The heist coins will give you more rewards. If Disney game editor decided an update. Might as well change this policy. So we can all be benefit from every heist battle we created or joined.

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This happened to me once, the round was almost over and I got booted and blocked by the heist starter

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This happens for a very long time. Now this policy should be removed or change. Its really immorale to happen to us, we felt social injustice.

I also think line on discord chats/social forums … you should be able to call our players with using the @ ______ Username, to notify them directly /communicate more effectively … Begore having to kick a player who’s been active part of the heist * however had game glitches and forces a reboot* then this person loses a pass from being kicked off the heist

  • secondly , I think you should be able to ADD the people as a friend whom join your heists if wanting to … especially if they’re a regular to join your public higher level heist group. it’s too hard to try and find this player/S if they’re inactive on VIP/GLOBAL IN GAME CHR :sweat::unamused:
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@D4RK_BAMBI thank you for taking notice. I agreed with these statement. The heist battle sometimes took time to be start as soon as possible|ASAP. Some heist creator are doomed their participants. Because they want to start sooner or later. Which is troublesome for players who joined the heist battle. This should have an automated system whereas other players who are online can be notify or invited that their is an heist.

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@Lord_Aga :100: %!!

plus , the theif is soo quick to steal gems lately … sometimes 2-3 within the first two spottings of the Theif (with 2 mins - barely enough time to have players join the harder heist levels, and be given an fair chance of participating in a heist , properly. A chance to Reap in max rewards if all gems are saved by the hideout fight​:roll_eyes::unamused:

Even players whom don’t agree with ‘TURBO’ heists and practically looks at every heist-
— aim 10/10 saved gems.
— win 100 , hero fights per player
— fight& successfully beat hideout

the second , the heist team loses a gem …
automatically seen as a loss ,
and becomes TURBO (no gem guards , search
fight & find hideout :sunglasses::exploding_head:

I’ll find up upload the screen record
Evidence of this one SUPER HARD
heist where , we fought for atleast 45 ,
Couldn’t complete the heist until The theif
forced loss of all gems (WITH HEROES

  • guarding with their lives):flushed::joy::joy:


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