Heist problems

It seems like many players don’t know how to properly play the heist mode; they try to find and defeat the hideout before all of the clues are found. Maybe the rules could be changed to where only the heist’s leader can fight the hideout if (s)he is active, and if not, anyone can start it. Possibly put it on a timer?

There are two ways people play them …

One is called rush: in this way they don’t care about the gems, just want to finish the hiest by finding the hideout as soon as possible (usually people who just care about daily or more times running just for more shield points).

The second way is full: all circles, and all gems covered.

I would suggest if you host make that known before the hiest starts… if you join one , ask “is this full or fast/rush”.

Would be nice if there was a function for host to select fast or full, and if select full prevent hideout from being attacked early.

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