Heist Request


I have been getting a little frustrated with the option of not being able to leave a heist once it starts. I know if you are the person who starts a heist you have the option to kick people if they go inactive. Well recently I’ve been joining heists where everyone has gone inactive besides me and I couldn’t leave. I’d be really happy if we could have the option to leave heists in situations like these.



I think some people have wanted dis request a lot now. :thinking:

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Really? I’ve not seen anyone else with this request before. Well either way I hope they add a ‘leave’ button to heists.



The problem with your request, altho very welcome, would make players easily abuse this feature every time they don’t get a perfect score in heists (10/10 valuables). It’s unfortunate you getting hit with the issue many adressed over the past months, but you can bypass it with a little patients and some trial and error into good heists runs such as a reliable guild, befriend players you trust and making your own lobby and set of rules.

I don’t know what will be perblue’'s next move regarding this issue but hopefully they will attend it nicely and get a solution without harming the heist experience overall where everyone can enjoy.



Most of the time I do make my own heists and have friends join it. I’ve also befriended many people. But as you said I hope perblue will do something regarding this situation.



Maybe on way to prevent this is to have leaving a heist cost one heist ticket. That way if someone wants to leave, they have to think is it worth it to waste a ticket. (I know you can buy them for cheap but it’s still a way for them to stop and think)

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Hmmm Idk, If you are injustly stuck in a jeist like that, It would not be fair to have to pay a ticket…

ALlso, if that ever happened to me, I would go AFK to so that everyone else loses. May seem like a jerk move, but they are not getting a free reward from me.



Hahahahahahaha you go to trick heists?! Man your unlucky