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Could we possibly get an update to heist to make it more interesting… not sure what exactly that could be done … but right now it just the same old thing with ever update and even with new a heist difficulty it doesn’t really change

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What would you want to see? I someyhing is not possible you’ll head soob enough, but everyone is allowed to dream

Few possibilities they could add with more difficulty:

  1. Add a timer to the heist to give more rewards the quicker it is finished

  2. “Fake” thief that appear at the same time as the real thief and also has a timer that need to be completed.

  3. Reduce the number of gems as you lose when all gems have been stolen

  4. Decrease the number of people in a heist from 5 to 4 / 3

  5. “Lightning round” where all unguarded gems are stolen at a random point during the round

  6. Certain POIs will infect heroes and they can attack anyone guarding a gem

  7. Reduce the number of heroes used from 5 to 4 / 3

Few things that I thought of so far, will keep adding if I think of anything else :slight_smile:


I don’t agree with these… Guarding, fighting and sending help wouldn’t work with so little heroes/players I think.

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How would this work? What would you want to decrease?

Is the idea behind this to confuse people where to send the aid, because that could add more difficulty. However I don’t understand that a timer needs to be completed. You can easily see if you can’t fight it, that it’s not the thief

Reducing the number of people who can participate and/or reducing the number of heroes will only make sense if the number of gems that needs to be guarded would go down. I would be opposed to it

Just no…

Maybe the only interesting idea, if it has it limits. There should for example only be 1 hero infected at the same time.

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Lol, now imagine these changes in a heist with 1 or 2 people afk.

These are all to increase difficulty and make it less repetitive… I do a Shocking heist on my own now, 7 gems left easy. Reducing the number of players and the number of heroes used will definitely make it more difficult as you need to decide where to utilise your resources, which I think is what Heist is all about.

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Well then they shouldnt be doing it and heist leader should kick them?

In my mind, Heist was always meant to be the cooperative mode in the game. The idea therefore is this that by working toghether you should be able to get all rewards


If the hideout is found and defeated within one minute after start +10% heist tokens
within 2 minutes +5% heist tokens
within 3 minutes + 3% heist tokens
after 5 minutes no bonus

Sorry if that wasnt clear - it will look like a thief when you attack, but the fight will happen like an ambush that you still need to clear.

I don’t think that is a bad idea, it forces people to guard. At the moment a fast heist is 50 characters just looking at POIs, no one guarding any gems because they will win with 8/9 gems left so losing one doesnt matter.

Yes with limits. Increasing the number of heroes that can be infected as difficulty increases.

Would not be against it (as it only adds tokens), but I don’t see it being very benificial either. Finding the hideput within a minute doesn’t seem all that likely to me

In that way it would make sense.

I understand where you’re coming from, but this wouldn’t be solved by a lighting round. Because having the lighting round at the start would be unfair (you need at least the possibility to set things right).

The moment a lighting round could start in terms of fairness, the people doing a fast heist could already be done

:joy: most of us don’t guard gems anymore we just do speed heist… and I can do a shocking heist by myself and still have gems left .

It was interesting when they first added the bodyguards but then it quickly became mundane afterward with each update nothing really changes… like I said I don’t know what the answer is but changing the number of players doesn’t do anything really because you already can heist with 1 - 5 it doesn’t matter … a time limit and more rewards for completing it quickly would be cool though . And interesting. So maybe that’s the answer… also I don’t see the need for toons to be off duty for heist… I think we should have the option to use any toon we like for heist as long as no one else in heist is using them .

Agreed, suggestion would be that it can trigger anytime after say 30 seconds the heist starts randomly, gives enough time if people want to guard…

Maybe if the power of the thief and bots increased it would require more players?
Remember when Insane first came out you couldnt do it with less than 5 players, but our power level currently have surpassed that wayyy far, and the bots havent scaled with max TL… maybe thats the first change to scale the power of bots wjth max TL for the difficulty after Shocking?

But thanks for the discussion everyone! All we can do is give them ideas and hope they use it to some extent haha

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