Help me please with a good team comp

Hi there!

I’ve recently discovered this marvelous game and I started playing it about 15 days ago. At first I didn’t care too much about heroes and I went leveling up them a bit and buying some chests to upgrade them.

Now, I find myself with a bunch of heroes but I’m not pretty sure of which team comp. I have to use. Can somebody, please, help me? I’m in server 19, team lv53 and these are my unlocked heroes and stats:

Hercules P1 ***
Maui P1 ***
Bogo P0 **
Hades P0 **
Felix P0 **
Ralph B2 **
Rex B0 ***
Goofy B0 *
Mr. Incredible G1 **

Barbossa P1 ***
Jessie P0 ***
Zurg P0 **
Vanellope B2 **
Elastigirl B2 **
Dash B2 *
Nick B1 **
Jack G0 *
Aladdin W *
Merida W *
Ducky and Bunny W *

Judy P0 ***
Rafiki P0 ***
Yax P0 **
Miguel B2 ***
Flynn B1 ***
Woody G1 **

Genie P0 ***
Finnick P0 **
Frozone B2 **
Gaston P0 **
Tia Dalma B2 **
Wall-E W **

I hope that information can help you!

Thank you very much!! I’m having a really good time with this game!

Just put ducky and bunny to po he really helps for me put Buenos on P1 thank you

Theres a disney heroes tier list for s19. Just google it and u will find it