Help with friend mission

Trying to complete the Maui-Genie friend campaign, but am failing every mission attempt and can’t get the percentage over 33% success rate.
Maui is a lvl 84, P4, with all skills at lvl 22. Genie is a lvl 85, O0, with skills at lvls 21, 41, 21, 21.

What do I have to do to get them to complete the missions so I can finish the campaign??? Been stuck for like 2 weeks.

Promote and evolve Maui and/or Genie

Each mission’s success rate can be raised by raising a certain thing.
Mission - A requires you to raise white skill levels

Wrong. It only has to do with stars and ranks

Actually, roughly 95% of the success rate depends on the skills level

If I understand correctly -

Starting chance before anything is calc’d is 65%.

Skill Points cause the chance to be increased or decreased by 1% for each point above or below the level unlock of the friendship

Likewise, actual hero levels cause the chance to be increased by 0.25% for each level above, or decreased by 0.5% for each level below.

Stars, rarity (colour), badges equipped and badge enhanced also affect the % chance of success, by varying amounts - for example, an equipped badge gives +0.4% chance, and an enhancement star gives +0.24%.

Thus yes, skill points have the potential to have the greatest effect, since they could be tens to hundreds of points above or below the required level.

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It depends on which mission. Please check your facts before you make a statement like this. I have done tests and have proof somewhere.

My friends and I conducted tests a long time ago

I also have proof @Mighty_Queen

No need to be that rude

wonders if his post with the exact amounts of effect for every mission has done a Randall impression :stuck_out_tongue:

Skill points missing from that in-game ‘hint’ is probably either an oversight or it’s just intended to be a summary

Yeah what I’ve found is upgrading the two main heroes helps increase success rates by a lot. I’ve seen it many times when I try to improve the success rates for the Stitch friendship missions. And upgrading the allies for the missions also help as well!

That’s a general version, not proof. As I said, every letter has different requirements.

For example, Missions labelled “A” require you to level the white skill.

Every mission is different, I can’t remember the other ones but I’ll see if I can find it

Looking through the discord, I found the conversation. We found that B missions were increased by the green skill levels of the first 2 heroes. The 3rd hero has no effect on the success rate

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