Henry Stickmin Hero Concept (Unlikely Concept)

This is my first unlikely concept. I love Henry Stickmin so I decided to make a concept about him.

Falcon punch!

Midline Damage

Description: Henry Stickmin is a thief that was send to prison. You have choices to make to save Henry Stickmin.

Trial Team: Red


Entrance: With Green Skill: Henry Stickmin rides a scooter at enemies, knocking them back and stunning them.
Without Green Skill: Henry Stickmin walks into position.
Victory: Henry Stickmin gives a :v:.
Defeat: Cops appear behind Henry and then he raises his arms.
Basic Attack: Henry Stickmin throws a rock.


White Skill: What’s Inside?
:fist: Normal Damage
A cake appears in front of Henry. The player has three choices of what to use for battle.

Teleporter: Henry teleports behind the back most enemy and punches the enemy, stunning it for 5 seconds.

NrG Drink: Henry drinks an NrG Drink, healing himself for X HP and gaining X energy.

Rocket Launcher: Henry launches a rocket launcher, dealing X damage to all enemies and blinding them for 6 seconds.

Green Skill: Busting In
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage :boom: Knock Back :dizzy: Stun
At the beginning of each wave, Henry rides his scooter around the battle field, dealing X damage to all enemies, knocking them back and stunning them for 6 seconds.

Blue Skill: Distraction Dance
:heart: Charm
When Henry reaches 50% Max HP, he does the distraction dance. All enemies will be charmed for 8 seconds.

Purple Skill: Completing the Mission
:infinity: Passive
While Henry is riding his scooter, he will steal X HP from enemies, giving it to himself.

Red Skill: Escape like a Boss!
:infinity: Passive
When Henry performs Discration Dance, Henry’s allies’ damage is increased by X.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+X Armor
+X Reality
+X Damage to Busting In


Henry Stickmin/Goofy

Disney_heroes_battle_mode_goofy (1)
Disk: Great Dancers
While Henry does Distarction Dance, Henry’s allies’ attack and movement speed are increased by 90% for 10 seconds.
+X Basic Damage
+X Skill Power
Campaign: Two Best Friends
Allies: Powerline, Chief Bogo, Slinky Dog
Story: Henry Stickmin wants to challenge Goofy in a dance battle to show how good he is and who’s the best.

Henry Stickmin/Finnick

Disk: Tough Puns
Busting In now stuns enemies for 8 seconds.
+X Armor
+X Max HP
Campaign: New Team
Allies: Yax, Tigger, Launchpad
Story: Henry Stickmin wants to make a team with Finnick because he needs a partner for a plan.

I hope you enjoyed :smiley:!

Wanna see more? Go here!

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Strange why is the image so big?

The first half of this concept is a complete copy of @Tragic-Magic’s.


I was just about to say that! Yeah I see a lot of similarities.

I wasn’t copying him… I didn’t make this concept just because @Tragic-Magic did one.

But the first two skills are identical to his.

And what skills are you talking?

Sure the status effects might be different but the bulk of the skills are the same.


Maybe make the white skill and green skill different

Dang. 2 Henry Stickmin concepts in 1 day.

Great concept I wish I was good at this like you are Henry is a good concept but is not in any form Disney so this is very unlikely

Don’t revive dead topics.

It is better to PM the person who created the concept than to revive the thread to share your thoughts @power_me_up. Also, I am sure they know that it is an unlikely concept.

Okay :pensive:. Fine

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