Hero Academia Pros concepts

Since hitting the wait list of My Hero Academia Season 4, I decided to make these concepts. Been toying with them alot, and ready to bring them out.

In case you were wondering, All Might will be excluded due to his condition by the end of season 4.

Other than him, this will include some of the pro heroes, so no students. Enjoy. :grin:

Pro Hero: Mr. Aizawa, Eraser Head.

Eraser Head, has the ability to temporarily erase quirks, works just as well on creeps as it does on villains…or students.

"There’s nothing crueler than letting a dream end midway. "

Basic attack: whacks enemy with the straps.

Position: Mid

Role: Control

White skill: Erased.

Eraser Head interrupts all enemies’ abilities, removes all self buffs, and silences them as his energy depletes. All silenced enemies are studied for the duration of the silence.

Enemies above lvl Y have a chance to avoid the study.

This skill is channeled.

Green Skill: Strap down.

Eraser Head uses his straps to wrap an enemy, stunning them for five seconds. He then pulls the enemy to himself and deals X normal damage.

Blue skill: Moisturizer.

Eraser Head drips some water into his eyes through an eye dropper, gaining 100 energy, and 10% energy conservation.

Purple skill: Erase, then Attack.

Eraser head can now activate his green and blue skills while channeling his white skill.

Eraser head deals X more damage to silenced enemies.


Eraser Head/Dash: Speed lessons.

Disk Power 1: Eraser Head gets X basic damage.

Disk Power 2: White skill also slows enemies by 30% for its duration.

(+5% per star)

Eraser Head/Violet: Invisibility blocked.

Disk Power 1: Eraser Head gains X armor

Disk Power 2: Enemies cannot turn invisible while Eraser Head is on the battlefield.

+300 Starting energy, +10 energy whenever dealing damaged to a silenced enemy.

(+50 starting energy per star, +10 energy per star)

Pro Hero: Yu Takeyama, Mountain Lady.

th (11)

Mt. Lady’s quirk allows her to grow enormous, which she can use to crush creeps.

“Today’s my debut! Pleased to meet you all! You can call me Mt. Lady!”

Basic attack: Punches an enemy.

Basic attack while large: stomps an enemy.

Positon: Front

Role: Tank

White skill: Canyon Cannon.

Mt. Lady grows to her giant form and Leaps among the enemies, stunning them for 3 seconds and dealing X normal damage.

While large, she has different skills she will use, and her basic attack has a 30% chance to stun an enemy for 3 seconds.

This skill is channeled.

Green skill: Charming pose.

Mt. Lady strikes a pose, charming the two closest enemies for 7 seconds. While charmed, the enemies deal X more damage and Mt. Lady gains all the energy they would gain.

Green skill (Enor.): Pick me up.

Mt. Lady reaches down and picks up an enemy, stunning them for 8 seconds and making them untargetable. After 8 seconds, she puts them back down dealing X normal damage. This character cannot gain energy while being held.

Blue skill: Kick up.

Mt. Lady kicks an enemy dealing X Fantastic damage and gaining X skill power.

Blue skill (Enor.): Foot down.

Mt. Lady. Slams her foot on the ground, dealing X normal damage to all enemies and breaking all shields.

Purple skill: Falling Giant.

If Mt. Lady is KO’d in her enormous form, she falls dealing X Normal damage to all enemies and stunning them for 5 seconds.

Whenever Mt. Lady finishes channeling her white skill, she gains 3 seconds of invincibility.


Mt. Lady/Alice: Quirks in Cookies?

Disk Power 1: Mt. Lady gains X basic damage.

Disk Power 2: Mt. Lady takes 55% less damage while in her enormous form. (+5% per star)

Mt. Lady/Baymax: Health for Giants.

Disk Power 1: Mountain Lady gains X armor.

Disk Power 2: Mountain Lafy’s teamates take 15% less damage while she is enormous. (+5% per star)

(To be continued later.)

Let me know what you think, and who else you think would be compatible with this game. :grin:


Looks great David. :grin:

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Not bad! Looking forward to seeing more.

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Edit, added Mt. lady.

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