Hero Bugs: March 2021

Errors in the code must be purged!
We know that hero bugs are annoying and can ruin a battle. I often see people complain about ‘the so and so bug’ and don’t have enough to go on to track it down. So, put on your detective hat!
Tell us about the most annoying hero bug you’ve encountered. But, in order to get this into the hands of the engineers to fix I’ll need details.

  1. What mode does this happen in?
  2. What lineups are involved (your team and the other team)?
  3. Does it happen every time or just sometimes?
  4. Does changing the friend disk or mods change the behavior?
  5. Screenshots and Videos earn :heart: points

When I use my Qourra, she sometimes wont do here special entrance in all game modes

  • I don’t even use Peter Pan anymore, his active can still be interrupted
  • The Queen of Hearts completely breaks Ian’s shrink
  • She’s also not immune to some slows (like Kim’s disk)
  • Speaking of Kim’s disk, it doesn’t slow revived heroes
  • (Arena and Coli only) Honey Lemon’s Hiro disk doesn’t activate for slows coming from allies
  • Darkwing Duck’s green skill seems to have a level limitation on his own level rather than enemy levels
  • THE TARGETING (for multiple heroes). It’s kinda stupid that Ian’s reflect is meant to counter Mulan but I have to try 20+ times to even find a line that makes them target the same hero. It doesn’t make sense for Mulan to hit Rapunzel with 3 backliners there…
  • Some heroes can time out by being slowed during animations that make them impossible to target (like Cheshire’s active or Scrooge’s green)

I’m probably missing many

All modes, except the Honey Lemon one

I remember, for the Ian/Mulan one, that the three backliners were Ian, Tron and I seem T&P, and I seem the other hero was Goliath (no he didn’t block the rocket as it still hit Rapunzel).

Most of them happen every time. Then there are more occasional ones that involve heroes that stop targeting specific heroes (that Gaston in war for example…), or that involve something staying off screen, like Davy’s chest.


Not so much a bug as it is an oversight, but Kronk is terrible in attacking lineups because when he gets down to the last enemy, he repeatedly uses the trapdoor, often making the player lose to timeouts.

Could something like Lock, Shock, and Barrel’s red skill be added or make it to where he will have some time between uses when it comes down to the last enemy?

In pvp in general, Fear’s white skill doesn’t stun the enemies when attacking.


Are you sure it isn’t something to do with hardy or evasion?

It does stun in my case.

Me to it’s probably a glitch

At Mr.Big and Baloo’s friend campaign
Mr.Big freezes the enemy for over 50 seconds and can’t KO the enermy.

This was also already reported in “Update 2.7 Known issues”

No… it happened a lot to me as well
Not always but many times. In chat spars too actually

  1. When Honey Lemon facing Baymax, his initial shield get frozen so bad that all I can see is big white thingy…

  2. Heroes sometimes stop fighting Davy once his chest disappear and just stand still

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  1. Hero disk mission. Ian and goliath mission. Dr facilier is assisting.

  2. All the time.

  3. Maximus can heal while under the effects of dr faciliers spell “seeing green”.

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