Hero concepts vol 1

•Figment the dragon from Epcot
•Bonkers D. Bobcat from bonkers
•zummi gummi from gummi bears
•new red skills

Figment is a frontline controll hero that will be available in city watch crates
White skill-imagination rainbow) figment breaves a rainbow until his energy runs out dealing x damage
:boom: Fantastic damage
Green skill-art of imagine)figment gets his massive paintbrush and smacks a enemy with it dealing x damage
:facepunch:Normal damage
Blue skill-one little spark)figmemt sparks the closest enemy dealing x damage and stunning enemy’s
:boom: Fantastic damage
Purple skill-one little spark now targets the enemy with the most hp
Red skill-your dream)figment now gets a speed boost by x at the start of each wave
•figment and Rex
•figment and mushu

Bonkers D. Bobcat is a midline damage hero he is available in events
White skill-going bonkers)bonkers pulls out a bang gun and shoots out a flag that says bonkers this does x damage and blinding enemies
Normal damage👊

Green skill-all nuts)bonkers throws a explosive at a random enemy dealing x damage and stunning enemies for 5 seconds
Fantastic damage💥
Blue skill-on the case) bonkers dodges a attack and steals 200 energy from whoever attacked him
Purple skill-cop cat) bonkers takes less damage when he steals energy
Red skill-hit the wall) bonkers now gains 100 energy at the start of each wave
•judy hopps and bonkers d.cat
Darkwing duck and bonkers d.bobcat

Zummi gummi is a backline controll hero he will be available in diamond crates exclusively
White skill-zummi summons a few fireworks dealing x damage and stunning enemies for 4 seconds
Fantastic damage :boom:
Green skill-gummi juice)zummi drinks gummi juice healing himself and getting speed boost by x
Blue skill-the slowdown spell ) zummi slows down the 2 front line enemies and gains 100 energy doing so
:facepunch:Normal damage
Purple skill-zummi now cast’s a shield on himself when he drinks gummi juice
Red skill-when enemies are stunned zummi also gains armor
•zummi and baloo
•zummi and Winnie the Pooh

•red skills
Darkwing duck-red skill-dangerous duck) darkwing now takes less damage after he’s invisible
Miguel-red skill-supportive music )Miguel now puts a shield note above the Allie with the least hp
Joy-red skill-nice memories) Joy speed’s up her team by x
This is just a prediction

We already get red skills in the last patch notes…

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What patch?

in the 2.2 patch notes

I want to see him but I do not think he will come any time soon

NO just no.

The next update will be smaller so there will likely be none of this stuff.

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Why not bonkers and zummi?

Correct me if I am wrong but:

  1. I do not think they are Disney characters
  2. I have never seen these two in my life and I do not think PB would make something if it is Disney with a small number of fans when there are much better characters to do.

They are from a Disney TV show

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They are Disney

Gargoyles and Atlantis, bonkers has a higher chance of coming than the bear

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Ah gotcha. You learn something new every day.

It’s Disney.

And Gummi Bears are definitely popular, more than Gargoyles for example. Unlikely than Figment, who and from where?
Bonkers might be not as popular now, but I would be happy for his release. And he should have friendship with Mad Hatter as they already are friends.

Figment is from Epcot and is pretty much the face of epcot

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Figment is in a other game called Disney emoji blitz so he could come to dhbm

These aren’t predictions, they’re concepts :expressionless:


I’m gonna change the name to hero concepts

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