Hero Killers efficient guide to leveling

More stamina has been given out. If you want to know the most efficient gathering and leveling technique and are non paying or a casual spender I’ll list the ways bellow and show you how to use your reset items properly.

1.“Daily stamina buys” Buy both 50 diamond cost everyday and stack your stamina.

2.”Collect daily stamina” While stacking stamina keep collecting the daily free stamina quest.

3.”mega market with market refresh items” take advantage of the recent increase of stamina batteries given out and use market refreshes and diamonds only on the mega market. Buy only the stamina batteries.

4.”stamina refresh tokens on double stamina buy day” save your stamina refresh tokens and use only on this certain event while saving stacked stamina. Buy the 50 diamond cost stamina buys, then use this token.

5.”plan ahead for cap rises” cap rise happens usually once a month In a half so the first half of the newest cap rise try to drop stamina and level your preferred heroes for either pvp or invasion and then use the rest of the time to save save save.

6.”pvp focus” for players who are new and do not spend or are casual spenders try to focus heavily on a good arena team first off because this will be your diamond accumulator to be able to purchase more stamina batteries from your mega market and market refresh items. Once you establish a nice looking arena team and level cap it , you want to then start establishing your coliseum setup to start accumulating more diamonds while staying on top of your arena team focus.

7.”double drop backpacks (normal)” try to save these bad boys because they are rare and not cheap. If you want to know when to use this item save around 800+ stamina batteries and use this on one of the first two contests into the cap rise. Make sure for efficiency you have a x2 hero xp drink Item and a x2 campaign gold item in stock for the upcoming cap rises and any extras you can use if you want to drop your stamina batteries for the first 2 contests of the Recent cap rise.

8.”free daily black market/mega market refresh” do not forget if you have the certain vip level you get a free refresh daily.

Efficiency is key and I hope this helps not only you non paying players but you spenders as well! Just remember to SAVE SAVE SAVE and drop a like if you want to see me add in more guides!

Sincerely, Hero Killer (server 1&2)


Bump to share (edited recently to add in daily market refresh reminders)

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