Hero Killers guide to lineup building

With so many heroes released and so many choices I’ve decided to shed some insight on how to decide that perfect hero combo!

First I will be discussing on how each individual stat works with each other and how preform better in arenas or just to wow your guild mates and friends in general!

“Basic damage” this stat is for heroes that have strong basic attacks.

“Skill power” this stat boosts the damage and healing skills your heroes do.

“Physical damage” this is your heroes skills with red numbers. It hits through the armor defensive stat. Armor shred debuffs are useful with this type of damage.

“Fantastic damage” this is your heroes skills with blue numbers. It hits through the reality defensive stat. Reality shred debuffs are useful for this type of damage.

“Normal crit” when you view a heroes stats you will see normal crit. Normal crit is the juicy most amazing stat for heavy hitting basic damage heroes. The higher your heroes normal crit the higher your heroes basic attacks will hit for when they crit.

“Fantastic crit” this is your fantastic damage/skill power heroes equivalent to normal crit. The higher the fantastic crit is , the higher damage your skills will crit for.

“Attack speed” pretty much one of my favorite stats in any game. This will increase the speed your hero will attack and cast skills. As a pro I love to use a hero that gives attack speed to allies in pretty much every build I use.

“Energy regain” increases the rate your hero will gain energy.

Now that we have discussed damage , let’s jump to defenses and how to prevent certain damage from destroying your hard earned lineup! I call this process damage mitigation which is a popular term in the mmo world.

“Armor” this is the stat which will decrease the amount of damage your hero will take from basic damage. Very nice to have fighting some of those heavy hitting basic damage heroes.

“Reality” this Is the stat which will decrease the amount of damage your heroes will take from fantastic damage skills.

“Dodge chance” this stat will give your hero a chance to avoid 100% damage from a basic damage attack or skill.

“Crit immunity” Is one of the most important skills to me just because it cancels out all of the damage that your team takes from critical hits. Pretty much means you have less of a chance to get popped in a fight.

“Health regain” increases the rate your hero can heal from healing over time effects.

“Healing %” increases the amount of health your heroes can heal themselves or heal your team for.

“Purify” removes debuffs from your team

Control debuffs will be last on the list! These can get pretty annoying so think smart before blindly attacking in pvp.

“Stun” this will prevent a hero from casting skills or attacking for a certain point of time depending how long the stun lasts.

“Curse” a really nasty skill that drains energy from a hero or team depending on the skill.

“Freeze” this is one of my favorite cc’s of all time which holds your hero or team in place while taking damage overtime. Works really nice with knockbacks.

“Hex” not only does this skill stun but also drains energy.

“Charm” this skill causes your target to turn around and attack their own team. Really good against those frontline heavy hitting heroes.

“Blind” this causes the enemies to have a chance to completely miss their attacks.

“Slow” a really nasty skill that either slows attack speed or movement speed. Some heroes do both!

“Armor shred” decreases your armor allowing basic damage heroes to hit harder.

“Reality shred” decreases your reality allowing fantastic damage (skill power) to hit harder.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you to do better in pvp! Once again drop a like if this was helpful and want me to add more amazing guides! Stay chill disney!

Sincerely, Hero Killer (server 1&2)


This isn’t true. I think you mean Skill Power?


Skill power and spell damage are one in the same In mmos , just different names , I was a vanilla wow player so I use preferred terms I’m used to seeing.

No. Not right again. Fantastic Damage is a kind of Damage Skills can deal, Skill Power increases how much damage/healing some Skills do.

Ah I see what you mean now. Good eye. I tend to get caught up with creating detailed posts I forgot to add the healing aspect of skillpower. Ty for the correction!

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You’re welcome!

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It’s still not right - they are two totally different things. EVE, for example, has her entire skillset based on Skill Power but deals exclusively Normal Damage. The type of damage dealt is completely unrelated to whether it’s boosted by SP or Basic Damage.


Making changes and adding skillpower to the list. adjusting the information slightly to a better definition. Basic damage is for the heroes initial attacks that are not skill based aka basic attacks and skillpower is for the heroes skills in general. Ty for the comments , this needs to be right and I really appreciate the constructive thoughts! I believe this post will be at full potential soon enough

Thanks for the info

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Kushhhhh! Ty for the support my brother!

Hope this edit clears things up my friend and ty for the comments!

Final edit! Enjoy the guide guys and gals!

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