Hero Management: December 2020

Our next quality of life improvement will be hero management. You’ve said you would like the ability to favorite heroes, filter, sort and search your hero roster more, name your saved lineups, and have better ‘at a glance’ info about the heroes. We’d like to hear more of your suggestions for improving hero management in the game. This can cover the hero roster screen, as well as the hero chooser in combat.


Search function!!!


All I want is to change the position of the red skill icon.
The red skill icon is too big to cover the portrait too much.
I have suggested this before. Sorry for making this suggestion again.
(I am not sure if my suggestion is suitable for ‘Hero Management’. I don’t know exactly what ‘Hero Management’ means.)

Screenshot_20201212-201918_Disney Heroes


The ability to favorite heroes in different ways! This way, players can track what heroes they are working on. Players could even possibly be able to favorite certain aspects of a hero, such as a skill, disk, or other item.


Agreed. To expand on this: being able to “tag” heroes for different use cases would be good. I play Invasion a lot, and being able to filter out everyone except the heroes I use commonly would help eliminate scrolling through 100 heroes looking for the one I want. Arena/coli, CW/campaign, and counters for meta teams also spring to mind. I could also see this being used for people with fluid teams, so they could quickly bring up good supports or heavy hitters. It’d also be particularly useful for marking which collection heroes I want to work on.


In my view what kind of Hero Management improvements are mainly needed are a sub-role if not tag search, like being able to search up on Healer as there are healers that aren’t necessarily Support characters like Sulley with his Woody disk who is actuality is a tank yet can heal.

Tags could be like status effects, disables, attack type, type of action(heal or buff removal etc) and that way it being more easily find out what characters does what.

  1. Please make the “Are You Sure?” confirmation screen when upgrading red skills. Look how close is it to the back button. It costs a lot and I dread misclicking everytime.

  2. Make it so I can easily tell which heroes belong to which team. It could be a little symbol or color on the avatar border. There are these quests in a surge where it says not to use specific color teams or roles. Yea but which ones are they? Maybe there should be an option to sort by excluding these.

  3. I also would like the ability to pin favorite heroes. Also, the option to name lineups. Right now, it just says lineup 1,2,3… And don’t forget to add the ability to use saved lineups in the invasion. It’s really annoying when you try to use heroes from different teams. Also in the invasion, when they die and revive i have to find them all over the place…


I think Hero Management is perfectly good, and would bet that many of those who voted for it actually wanted to vote Hero Progression. It’s a shame that working on this will have pushed back more important things.

If I have to think of something - the ability to ‘mark’ heroes for promotion would be nice.

By marking a hero - any time I go to equip a badge or craft some bits for another hero that the marked hero requires - if that would drop those bits / badge below craftable level - I’d first get some sort of visual warning that I’ll be using a required item for my marked hero.


Seconded, but what’s done is done.

Probably the major improvement that could be made to Hero Management at this time is to get rid of the ridiculous lag when looking at the Badge screen for any rank above R2; the lag can easily be 10-15 seconds before anything happens, which makes it really hard to tell if I’m just having problems with lag or if the game didn’t register my tap. I expect it’s caused by whatever’s causing the lag when changing the difficulty on the Trials screen. I honestly think this should be the highest priority when working on Hero Management.

Otherwise, I like Pip’s idea of marking heroes, Mystique’s ideas of being able to name lineups and adding a small indicator of which color team a hero belongs to, and Pawpsicle’s ideas of being able to add tags to heroes, whether it’s a tag to mark heroes for use in different modes or to mark them depending on abilities/skills/etc.

One other suggestion I have would be to have a way to have heroes use a certain disk in certain modes. For example, I rarely want King Louie to use his Peter Pan disk outside of Invasion, and I’d prefer to use Bogo’s disk for Judy and Mr. Incredible’s disk for Bogo in Heist but rarely or ever want those disks in other modes. It would be convenient if, when entering those modes, the disks would automatically switch for those heroes just for that specific mode.


I said something similar in the collections one, but I’d like a way to sort heroes by common statuses they can apply, such as slows, charms, or studies for example.

Naming your saved teams would be nice

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Have the heroes be able to be searched by skill for weekly challenges (those that maybe able to study, increase speed, etc). Have the heroes be able to search which ones still have collection available by searching for the C icon and placing them before all other toons or search by collection type.

I think all that Pol have mentioned in the top would be good
Also I would like to see feature like “block hero”. I have maaaany heroes I won’t promote , but I always get pink dots on them :grimacing:
I want to block hero which I don’t want to promote and to not get pink dots for him ever

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Agreed on the above:

  1. Saved lineups to be named - YES and probably the most important one for me

  2. Indication of hero team color - YES

  3. Search better - YES, but scared this will impact laggin even more than the current issue with badge crafting and trial teams

  4. Favourite heroes, and a way to filter them would be really useful yes!

  5. Another option i would like to see in saved lineups is that friendship disks are locked in place for lineups. King Louie is a prime example, where you use PE disk for the Bot and AN disk in breakers - very frustrating having to switch between them constantly

  6. Finally under hero chooser, an easier way to change disks would really be appreciated. Possibly around if you hold in a hero on the team selector screen you can get a pop up that will allow you to choose the disk and give you a small bit of information on it?


I dont know if this NECESSARALY applies… but i’m gonna say it anyways…i would love it if when you power craft a badge it prioritized the levels with a heart… so that i can get other badges i need… because i’ve seen it go for random levels or the last one… but it never seems to go for the ones i need


And also… about the pink exclamation dot that appear when you have a badge to apply, i eould love it if that acted like the mods. As in once i click on them and decide to not apply, the exclamation point disappeared

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El juego me gusta bastante, lo disfruto mucho y mis preguntas serian:
¿Se añadirá Ariel, Prince Philips, Perry, Cinderella, Prince Charming y Demona en algún momento?
¿En qué se basan para elegir a un personaje y poder añadirlo al juego?
¿Podrías añadir una sección de combates donde solo se usen heroes y otra de villanos ?

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