Hero Progression: December 2020

  • What are the top 3 forms of hero progression that you find the MOST enjoyable to engage with (e.g. collecting Red Skill Chips or clearing Ports/Trials each day)?

  • What are the top 3 forms of hero progression that you find the LEAST enjoyable to engage with (e.g. collecting Gold or promoting heroes)?


The most:
3.Breaker Quests
2.City Watch
1.Hero Collections

The least:
3.Level upgrades
2.Skill upgrades(Red skills included)
1.Rank upgrades

So yeah, playing with heroes is more enjoyable than upgrading them. If I get the “Hero progression” right.


Ports, Invasion, Surge

Campaign, campaign, heist

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Hero Collections, Invasion, City Watch

Heist, rank upgrades, costs

Invasion, surge, and hero colections

Rank upgrades, heist, upgrading skills


Yellow rank!

Hero collections mastery, invasion and heist (although I am not sure the last really is hero progression?)

Getting all the stuff together to make the badges (ranking up takes too long), arena platinum 1 being a prison of which you can’t escape and enhancement

  1. Friend Campaigns. Some should definitely be a bit easier (like for example a Queen of Hearts + Elsa combo for Joy/Olaf is too much now that both of them were refreshed), but I love the dialogues and overall find them enjoyable after the friendship refresh
  2. City Watch. A fun game mode Imo, rewards could be better but I enjoy it
  3. Farming cosmetics. I really like this feature, though I wish cosmetic crates were available somewhere else rather than just contests
  1. FARMING HERO CHIPS. The amount of chips we get from all sources is far far FAR from enough. Even shops take way too much for the amount of chips you need late game. Chips from diamond crates are just a joke at this point.

  2. Promoting heroes. Previous changes to stamina did make this better, but it’s still too difficult at high rarities

  3. As it’s been said by many others, heist. Boring and rewards are next to nonexistent


First of all I am an Explorer type of Gamer whole likes new story content, so that will affect what a positives, neutrals and negatives for me :-).

Top Positives:
(New Campaign): Being able to get through a new chapter in the Campaign and seeing its new story content, seeing the new Badge designs and figure out the best combo grinding stages for the badge grind
(Friendship Campaign and Missions): Getting strong enough to unlock new story content for my characters and clearing Friendship Campaigns and Story Missions.
(City Watch): Getting through a good City Watch, whether that be Hard City Watch that’s relatively easy ad quick, or getting though a City Watch I have really experimented with strategy wise and feeling rewarded for solving the combat puzzle, as well as getting new resources.

(Hope it is okey I am adding an extra category).
Top Neutral:
(Dailies): Clearing Daily missions/quests for rewards, Trials, Ports, Enchantments, Disk, Mod, gold and such.
(Leveling): Leveling in general is okey in my view, as long as I have enough resources.
(Other modes): Doing Inversion and Heist work.

Top Negatives:
(Resource Shortage): The fact that it is basically impossible for a normal player who don’t or can’t spend money on the game can’t have a optimal satisfying experience, most able to keep up with 1-5/8 characters somewhat even though we need 15 characters for Coliseum and Guild War.
(Friend Campaign Stuck): Not being able to unlock or progress in a friend campaign due to the level being too high or stuck due to a healer. (As far as being stuck due to a healer I eventually get through, but yeah make me having to wait for the story content I want).
(Bad/Slow Badge Grind Momentum): Being delayed badge grind wise due to a badge that have no good stages for combo grinding, in my view Close Shave is the one I dislike having to grind for the most.


#1: Mod upgrades. Specifically, bonus skill levels. The bonuses are the most visible, and often times I’ll look at a hero’s skillset and immediately think that they could be fun with bonus skill levels. But the other mod upgrades, particularly the useless start-of-combat shield and crit bonuses, usually feel boring and insignificant. Plus 8 to a crit stat is less exciting than equipping a badge with the same effect.

#2: Disks can be fun. While I dislike how OP he is, Cheshire’s disks were done well. For the first time in a long while, I swap between disks on a hero.

#3: Equipping/promoting mods. It’s not very exciting, but I can’t think of anything better.

#1: Promoting heroes. I’m on S19 where the caps are lower, and it takes a week to promote a hero to within a few rarities of the top. It’s a slog, I have to focus all my stamina on one thing, and the gold costs for it can be pesky.

#2: Skills. As great as it is watching the numbers go up and scaling get faster, it eats through gold like a ravenous glutton. Special shoutout to red skills for costing ludicrous amounts of chips to max.

#3: Also mod upgrades. I said it on the mod thread, but 90 per upgrade type every 6 weeks is absurd. I can think of three different heroes I want to put purple skill upgrades on off the top of my head, but I can only add 10 levels to one hero each month.



  1. Epic CW (Red Skill Chips)
  • CW is still my favourite mode, easy & quick for (now) decent skill chip reward.
  1. Arena / Invasion (Mod Upgrades)
  • The only way to apply strategy & make my heroes unique.
  1. Surge (Gold & Tokens)
  • Doesn’t take too long and a good way to test teams while gaining a good amount of Gold.

Don’t Enjoy:

  1. Trials / Port
  • Trials are laggy, and hitting Raid every day isn’t exciting. Rewards aren’t great.
  1. Heist
  • I only play a couple of Heists a week, takes too much effort for little gain.
  1. Elite Campaign
  • I believe the chip drops should be significantly higher, it’s rarely worth doing and sacrificing badge farming.

As an additional point, Badge Farming is grossly expensive, but I wouldn’t say I don’t “enjoy” it - it’s just beyond absurdly expensive and should not be.


Most enjoyable:

  1. City Watch: While I think a few of the wards are still a bit hard (attack speed and control/support energy gain, definitely), overall it’s a fun way to use a bit of strategy, planning, and synergy to beat a varying collection of teams. It would be nice if we didn’t have to face the same enemy hero in two consecutive teams, though.

  2. Upgrading mods: As Pip mentioned, it’s the best way to customize your heroes and thus your teams, allowing for some fun and unexpected combinations.

  3. Friendship Campaigns: Even though some campaigns are really hard to get through without investing in heroes I don’t have interest in, and the writing can be inconsistent, it’s fun watching the stories unfold; and the times when the writing really captures the feel of the heroes makes it all worthwhile.

Don’t enjoy:

  1. Badge Farming/Rank Promotions: I actually enjoy the process of farming badges, of choosing which nodes to raid or deciding when I can just Power Craft, but the cost is so steep to get heroes anywhere near the server max that it ends up making me dread the process, as I end up unhappy about how little I’ll be able to do and stressing over which heroes to prioritize.

  2. Surge: In theory I’d enjoy the chance to try out different teams and different mercs; in practice, Surge is usually an unpleasant slog through a succession of Mulan, Randall, Beast, and Ian teams, which I can usually beat once or twice easily enough with counters but which become troublesome when that describes 90% of the districts between 6 and 25.

  3. Friendship Disks: It takes so long to evolve a disk up to four or five stars that sometimes I fear a hero will be on the verge of being rendered mediocre by power creep by the time I get their disk finished. The process of leveling up a disk isn’t bad, but Disk Power is in such short supply that I’m reluctant to invest much in any but the newest disks, since power creep also means that older disks are weaker and thus worse investments than newer ones; it would help if we could somehow get back Disk Power we had invested in disks that are now underpowered or unused, even if it was just half as much as what we used to level them up in the first place.

Honorable mention to Trials and Ports, as I enjoy the process of beating new difficulties when they’re introduced, but that’s only once a month; dishonorable mention to Heists, which can be fun with players who are active and know how to play it, but otherwise tends to be a 5-10 minute exercise in frustration for paltry rewards.

  • Arena is my favourite.Coli is way too long…
  • Epic CW
  • Surge
  1. ‘Heist’
  2. Invasion
  3. Campaign

City Watch, Breaker Quest, Arena

Surge, Heist, War.

Dislike: Skill leveling, rank promoting, and mod upgrading (upgrades are way too infrequent)
Enjoy: Friendships (make some of them easier however, or give us more friendship boosts), collections, and city watch

  1. Clearing Trials/Ports daily as they are easy and don’t require me too much work. The rewards they offer, on the other hand, are in serious need to increasing. Those rewards are not well scaled to our lv and the fact that we need another update after new lv cap to find latest difficulty on those modes is not nice either. You guys really should update Trials and Ports along with lv increase

  2. Surge. Thanks to the refresh, Surge is now my main sources of gold but sadly, the amount of token I receive has been less, well, that’s another matter

  3. CW. I like doing CW before red skill as it is somewhat fun. It still is. There is only 1 thing I don’t like is that you guys buffing enemies too much. I don’t know my server has that many guys with ALL 5 max red skills on 1 team like this! You guys even deleted their actually lv to prevent us from knowing how much you guys buff. That’s really not nice, you know?

  1. Badge crafting!

That’s absolutely the worst feature in this game! We need a ton of bits to craft 1 single badge. That’s not nice. There are some purple badges that require 2k stamina. Can you believe that??? Purple badges, which are out-dated and useless, still cost that much??? It’s all because of low drop rate and big amount of needed bits I can only imagine the state of this game next year with highly insane badges if nothing changes!

One change from Black/Mega Market that I really like, is that they make old badges cheaper and cheaper with each update. Why can’t that be done in crafting? 20,30, 40 and 50 bits per badge are way too much as we need multiple sub badges for a main one. Please make badges easier to craft. As of now, things are in a stale state because of how expensive badges are!

  1. Hero chips and hero exp bottle

Hero chips are in aterrible situation! Before Red Skills and Mods, we only need 530 chips to max 1 hero, and then we are done! No more hero chips needed! But things have changed! Drastically!

To equip 4 mods, we need at least 100 hero chips, without updating it higher than lv 30! But we all know things dont stop at that! The hero chips needed for maxing a red skill are around 500! What in the world is that number???

If the heroes we use are in shop, things could be better. But most of them are not, so we have to raid in elite, which takes too long time for too few chips! The drop rate and the hero chips offered in Elite need to be increased And we need a place outside of Elite to farm for hero chips! Buy them in Mega/Black Market with diamond is not what I call a solution!

Could you guys pls consider adding a cap to how many hero chips we use per update on Red Skill?

The Exp bottle we need to use on heroes are too many… mean while, we earn just a few of them from port and raiding. Could you pls consider increasing that???

  1. Disc Power

It is the hardest things to farm in this game but we need a lot of them! A LOT! Before increasing the amount of it needed to lv up disc (I dont even know why you guys did it), with just 5900 per lv, I could somehow manage. But now, with more than 10k per lv and our income barely changes, I can’t keep up anymore! The new mission system would be much more useful if not for the annoying limit, which makes zero sense if you ask me

We need more disc power from all modes of this game! Pretty please!

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  1. Arena/Coli
  2. City Watch (but it needs reform, too! Too many powerhouses, each region should be unique! Also, impossible to complete some challenges like Incredible Power now)
  3. Invasion
  1. Promoting heroes (as the others have said, in dire need of reform with out of control badge cost)
  2. Farming chips (it’s way too expensive and too few chips… i get only 2 chips of Evil Queen for almost 300 stamina)
  3. Upgrading hero levels/skills (way too expensive and completely not proportional to the amount you get from raiding)

Just my opinion, but now almost all of them is routine

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  1. Unlocking heroes
  2. Seeing power grow
  3. Finishing things such as campaign maps


  1. Costs (badge costs, gold needed, amount stamania need etc)
  2. Color rank increases not being more then a month
  3. Limits on levels and mercs one can hire (9 too little with needed for endless surge and city watch, and only being able to hire within three levels of your own is agitating sometimes)

And becuase of hero tokens for contests I’ll say this for an honorable least favorite fourth… ftn scoring keep going down while ability for free gems not going up and it not being only after a cap increase.

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  1. Gaining Power
  2. Invasion (I think)
  3. Campaign progression


  1. Rank progression - too many hidden badges at Red ranks
  2. Red skill chips amount all around the game, when one needs 7k to max one character.
  3. Unable to raise all the other characters to (at least) Red rank without spending a fortune. Essentially making vast majority 25 ranks behind (O0 - R16)
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