Hero refresh for basil

basil of baker street


ok seriously…basil is the worst new hero in the game…his moveset is terrible, his randall disk is pointless and he got hit even harder when bunsen and beaker emerged…so…yeah…this refresh will focus on fixing the main problems with his moveset.

Base stats
+Increased Armor
+Increased attack power
+Increased skill power


–On the mark–

+skill now targets enemy with the highest evasion
+study now lasts 2.0 more seconds

–Clever Concoction–

+Increased damage
+Decreased armor to target enemy when each enemy is studied

–Good Deduction–

+now studies enemies nearest to the target enemy
+the study from this skill is now unavoidable when basil gains a buff

–Closer Inspection–

+Every 60 energy gained by basil now gives himself 1 second of invincibility

–Wise observation–

No changes

Friendship disks

+healing activates when allies are inflicted with any disable
+Increased Max HP

+Increased damage reduction
+Increased reality loss


No. Just no.


You realize that the immense amount of energy gain is the issue in his skillset, right? So increasing it would be worse… and unnecessary when he already gains 900 energy whenever he uses his active :no_mouth:


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First of all: language!!

Second of all: yeah…i’ll fix that

nah i think 20 is enough

I removed the 40 dart part

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For the Mushu disk, I think it should be Armor instead of Reality.

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