Hero Refresh Ideas


I think everyone can agree hero refreshes are a good idea. So many under utilized characters in the game. Let’s give them some more ideas for upcoming patches.

I would like to see Maui get a little boost. His skills are all good but I feel the numbers could be tweaked to bring him up the tank ranks. I would like:


-an increase in damage to Take Flight skill
-Courage to remain active the whole fight.*

*The percentages would probably have to be lowered a little to not make it op but I would take the trade off. I believe he is the only character that has 2 skills become worthless halfway through the fight. Depending on the game mode (heist, city watch, campaign) his 2 skills can be worthless at the start of the fight if you have characters with built up actives.


Take Flight deals 8k damage with every blow with Genie disk. These numbers are good enough, something average.

If you’re having another disk, you don’t understand Maui’s role.

Gonna be overpowered btw


The only buff he could need is an increase of base HP though


Yes, Maui needs a buff. Like his health.


What do you think his role is? I think he goes best when paired with other tanks because as others have stated, he doesn’t have great hp and he is the foremost tank. His Moana disc gives hp to tanks (although that needs a boost as well). So I agree with the others that his hp could be buffed and his Moana disc could use a little love in my opinion.


Using t wo tanks is something I have done before…


Who wouldn’t use 2 tanks? Not meh, dats wot I’ll tell u.


Investing in Genie disk is the only choice tbh

Look at what he can do now. His courage stuff is hard to get value of, since frontline will proc their actives the first most of the time, and everything related with damaging backline is not that strong, since it procs backline Actives. His Gust deals little to no damage and Shark bite dealing less than 30k damage is useless 90% of the time.

Lvl 60 genie disk gives 7320 skill power, raising max bite dmg to 34k and gust to 8600.

Look at the tank meta btw, it’s kinda strict. We have Baymax, Shank and Olaf. They don’t care about Courage and Health buff at all, being kinda good at surviving on their own. Putting Maui with Moana disk along them is a waste.


I see your point. Genie disc definitely seems like the way to go but I think they proves that he could use at least a hp buff and his Moana disc buffed. The purpose of refresh is to change the meta right?


If Maui white skill only triggers with a KO available,doesnt that mean the courage he placed on himself lasts until then?


No it lasts on a character until that character uses it’s white skill