Hero refresh: Sorry but the hero that needs it most is


Felix. Felix has such NASTY potential with a Max frozone disk! He is too darn squishy though for a tank. Double his available HP and give him some serious defensive buffs and he could really shine! What do you guys want as a refresh most?


Yax. He’s currently the weakest Healer in game.


Both are very deserving. Yax needs more than a refresh and just a straight remake in my opinion. If Felix got tenacity and maybe about 35% max HP he would be viable. Yax however is just awful. His purple is garbage and his cloud and flower spell do next to no damage. Make him have a constant regenration for the team on top of his honestly decently strong white healing.


Nah I am agreeing on Felix. He is horrible and after all the time I spent on him too :cry:

What if Felix had the Highest Tenacity in game? I feel that would assist in his effects.


I don’t think maxing out his tenacity is necessary. It’s not fitting for his physique or his character. However if he got somewhere in the realm of say 130 tenacity then that would be at least -25% disable duration against lvl 105 heroes. Not fantastic but far better than he is now.


He needs something. I suppose…idk his basic damage means his healing each hit against himself right?

Soo if that amount were tripled or quadrupled thwn he might be stronger.

Just throwing out suggestions…


That isn’t necessary either thanks to improved healing percentage. Fully enhanced at 02 he has somewhere in the realm of 180% improved healing. Meaning his basics at that level which is somewhere around 5500 iirc actually heals him for about 12k or so. Meaning each attack heals about 20% of his max HP.


I use Felix in my Top team & his is pretty darn fine. But maybe he does deserve a buff. Maui, on the other hand, needs a buff on his health.


Developers can not make a strengthening of all old heroes for one update. 4 reinforced heroes are already a lot for one update.