Hero Tier List [Update 4.4.10]

There is a hero placement posted already.

Yea, but it dosent have Bagheera or Kaa, as Musk needs to update it


Bagheera’s probably gonna be an S Tier

Kaa could be a B Tier

And Baloo I’ Don’t Know

I think this will be the case:

Baloo/Kaa: A-Tier

Bagheera- S-Tier

He already is A tier, and will remain here. Bug fixed.


Welcome to 3.7


What does Kaa’s red arrow mean? Will be down a tier soon?



Very good list. Surprised to see Bagheera become best of the best in all of support. Why is that?

Great healing, great source of hardy, good damage, a lot of great buffs, great Max HP increase, 3 types of debuffs including disable in a single skill, and core stats are good, white skill always crits as long the scare is applied.

The only negative point is lack of working tenacity, it’s around 220, 80 short, but he has good source of hardy instead.

For most part, other supports focus on a single or two things… Bagheera has a range of buffs and debuffs with it, and his stats are good.
It’s been a while with a new support hero, and definitely even further with a great one. Last one was Kermit, which experience not-fun power creep now.
Hopefully more great supports will be added soon, and a tank will be nice too, hopefully a one fully immune to debuffs.


Welcome… or not to 3.7.10!

  • Added The Underminer
  • Some hero movements

I noticed some movements, but not all of them. Could you tell me who got moved?

  • Fred
  • Mushu
  • Kaa
  • Hopper
  • Madam Mim
  • Elsa with Wasabi
  • Anger
  • Randall
  • Shan Yu
  • and others…

Mad Hatter :2 SP Green Ok but 2 SP Blue, I didn’t get that as Hatters blue skill is level based

Which hero’s position seems for you too low/high (wrong)

Post the name: (wiki post, only one per person)

  • Too low: Anna (should be A-Tier)

  • Too low: Maximus ( A-tier)

  • Too low: Gerald, Marlin & Nemo(C-tier)

  • Too high: Li Shang (Move to B-tier)

  • Too low: Donald (counters Mary meta nearly as well as Hatter for significantly less spend // B tier)


It’s another another update… 3.8.01!

  • Added The Horned King
  • Added Namaari
  • Hero movements!

Ah yes, Judy Hopps in S-tier and Ralph in A-tier

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Horned King, Maximus, and Judy in S-tier…

Yep, this is a troll update.

EDIT: And a look at my computer’s calendar confirms it.


No way that HK, Max, Vanellope and Judy are in S-Tier.

Or Donald Duck and Ralph in the A-Tier

But I’m happy that my girl Anna managed herself in the S-Tier (Is this true?)

You probably know what today is…

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