Hero Tier List [Update 4.4.10]

Here’s the difference:

Alice can be useful in boosting teammates’ Attack Speed buffs.
Belle can be a damage monster in a Hardy team with Tron.
Sarah can do nothing, benefits nobody, and is only a liability to your team and nothing more.

ok then maybe Belle is ranked too low if she can be a damage monster in certain teams

oh @Musketeer quick heads up

for Maleficent you said her friendship disk would be (Ja)

Her Jack Skellington disk is labeled (JS)

Just a notice :smiley:


Yep, they changed this long time ago, good eyes!

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thanks! : )

Basically, it’s 4.2.10.


thoughts on 4.2.10 update…


  1. I’m glad Gothel was moved up to S-Tier
  2. I’m glad Belle was moved up to B Tier
  3. I’m glad Daisy was moved higher in A Tier
  4. I’m glad Mulan and the Evil Queen are closer to each other on the tier list because they are pretty equal.

And some things I sorta disagree with (Just an opinion)

  1. I think Aurora, Snow, and Pocahontas should be moved up above Syndrome.

So it would be kind of like this

Mad Hatter (Ra)
Princess Aurora (Fa)
Snow White (Ch)
Pocahontas (Ki)
Syndrome (Yz)
Namaari (Ma/Ra)

  1. I think Magica should be moved up aboved Disgust

So something like this

Honey Lemon (Hi)
Quackerjack (Sl)
Minnie Mouse (MP)
Magica De Spell (Me)
Disgust (Sa)
Voyd (Wa)
Mr. Big & Koslov (Ba)

will Rapunzel be updated higher with her stat refresh with 22 or before that?

Boris sounds like borax and that reminds me baymax

Syndrome is definitely better than most. Maybe even all A tier heroes.
Disgust is Def better than Magica and Voyd. And Koslov as well.

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Yes I agree Syndrome is better than most A Tier heroes, but not Snow, Pocahontas, and Aurora, but I think they belong in S Tier, as well as Mary Sanderson but I just won’t go there, so I think they should at least be ranked like top 4 in A Tier.

But with Disgust being better than Magica I disagree, I think Magica is better than Disgust because with her maxed out red skill is good, her white skill is good, her blue skill is killer, she is just great in my opinion, I used Disgust but I removed her from my coli team cause she was getting countered to easily.

I agree to disagree.

How? Disgust does literally better damage and better debuff than Magica so… lol?
Even the same team that Magica is made great with makes Disgust better than her.



Maxed Syndrome can deal over 4B damage with his blue skill, and around 2B with other skills, and his stuns and studies are very long. These Princesses simply can’t do that. And they have bad secondary stats, pushing them a bit back.

Because pretty sure they simply didn’t test these heroes, and even if they did, it would be at red ranks, which simply isn’t valid now.

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Up, up, and down!!!

Which heroes you think should land into the D-tier? (2 heroes per player), if hero is already present, just write its name again!

  • Flynn Rider
  • Hercules
  • Powerline
  • Lock, Shock, & Barrel
  • Winnie The Pooh
  • Jack-Jack
  • Elastigirl
  • Vanellope
  • Ralph
  • mickey
  • Yax
  • Miguel
  • Alice

Which heroes should move down from A-tier to B-tier? (Same rules as above)

  • Russell & Kevin
  • Hopper
  • Shan Yu
  • Hamm
  • The Rocketeer
  • Voyd
  • Ursula
  • Kaa
  • Mr. Big
  • Honey Lemon
  • Voyd

Voyd, not sure who else should should move down tho

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You can edit the post and write the heroes you want. Just click on the pencil icon.

(But added Voyd for you).

I think Daisy should be higher up

She literally was moved up in latest version, and she won’t go up anymore, now…

but why? I thinks she is better than most heroes above her.

Like: I think she is better than Vinny, better than Go Go, Pete, Kim Possible, Elsa, Calhoun, and Dash, I also think she is better than Duff but since you have Duff above Gothel I don’t think she should be put above Duff since Gothel is way better than her, so why would you put her below heroes who are worse than her?

I also think Quorra should be in low B tier :laughing:

Because you are low red ranked, and nowhere close to yellow or max. And I doubt you have listed heroes maxed at least for your level. :woman_shrugging:

That I thought about too, maybe in next tier list update.

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