Hero Tier List [Update 4.4.10]

Because you are low red ranked, and nowhere close to yellow or max. And I doubt you have listed heroes maxed at least for your level. :woman_shrugging:

That I thought about too, maybe in next tier list update.

As true as that may be, many other people agree, if you didn’t notice in the post you made many people said Dash and Calhoun were too high, a lot of other tier lists think Kim is B Tier, Go Go and Vinny are easily countered.

Maybe not better than Duff, Pete and Elsa though.

Where, I see literally nobody, but 1 mention and nobody even agreed.

Dash and Calhoun both deal one of the best damage in game, taking advange of the enemy buffs with fully working NC, negation, crit damage, and some good evasion, especially Calhoun, both also have fast energy gain. They won’t go down, and likely will never will leave S-tier as their skillsets are designed to go well with power creep.
Dash can literally kill entire team in 2s and Calhoun’s attacks deal well over 2B damage.

Kim is fine where she is.
Go Go… kinda… I feel like she’s a bit too low but around Elsa’s level seems fine

Vinny is even too low on this list, no way he would need to go even lower

no I don’t think they should go lower I think Daisy should be above them

Other tier lists, and I agree

and if you wanna see anothe tier lists opinion check here. It says Dash is 2nd tier (What you say is A Tier) and Calhoun is 3rd, as well as Kim. (Which you consider B Tier) Also check their opinion on Aurora and Pocahontas and Sarah if you’d like. (I won’t spoil where they are, but i’ll tell you I agree with where they are.)

And I should care because…?
What another tier list has to do with anything?

If you rank heroes by your personal favourites, as it keeps happening, especially with Aurora, go ahead, but that doesn’t work like that.

Calm down a little, guys

Ok, a few things, 1. You don’t need to care, it was just something for you to check out :smiley:, 2 I don’t rank them by my favorites, if I did, I would have Maleficent at S Tier when I really have her low C tier. And you say especially with Aurora, which is nowhere near true… I just think Aurora is a really good hero, but if you ask me, I think heroes in the same rank are all equal, I think “heroes are in no specific order within their rank.” so just because I rank Aurora top S Tier doesn’t mean I think she is the best. ‘gets glasses’ let me read you the way I wrote my S Tier control vs the way I think of it.

S Tier - Control
Princess Aurora (Fa)
Pocahontas (Ki/El)
Dr. Drakken (Gi/Ki)
Angel (St)
Mary Sanderson (Lo)
Ian Lightfoot (Me)
Snow White (Ch/Ar)


The way I actually rank them if I had to.

Dr. Drakken (Gi/Ki)
Ian Lightfoot (Me)
Princess Aurora (Fa)
Mary Sanderson (Lo)
Snow White (Ch/Ar)
Pocahontas (Ki/El)
Angel (St)

So you see… I agree with you that Drakken and Ian are better than Aurora, but I just don’t think that she is below Namaari

And if you say I overrank her, think of it this way, we both see her between top 5 merely.

When did this topic become a bigger warzone than that whole cartoon Elimination game thing

(If it wasn’t obvious enough this is a joke purely made of satire.)

50 years ago. :upside_down_face:

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Meaning of the 4.2.10 is…?

  • Added 22!
  • Hero movements, mainly a lot of heroes going down

This quite possibly may be the best update I’ve ever seen!

Only thing I find off is Magica… I think she should be below Minnie in Low A Tier

Great job @Musketeer!!

I think Daisy Duck’s friendship disk should be changed to (Do)

No, Fear disk actually allows Daisy to meet criteria of a damage role hero and deal a-fine damage.

Donald disk is limited to be used as a charm counter only, and it’s not even really common disable among the meta.

Yup with Fear disk she actually does extremely high damage between the SP and the reality shred

And she has “easy” access to deal critical hits as she will be applying Scare.

With her full Crit Damage stat, she will deal 4x damage at the end.

And no, she won’t be added to S-tier, damage as it is high, still lower than anyone from above, and she lacks of Tenacity/Evasion. Plus her purple skill may be never activate during a combat.

Lmao, I just laugh at this. Aurora is nowhere near that high. Nor is Snow White.

Aurora is, I was gonna say Ian isn’t…

Not 3rd best…

With that suggested disk, yes.

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