Hero Tier List [Update 4.8]

But yeah, best to stop here.

Well the tierlist is helpful!


To everyone still replying: at this point it’s clear asking him to stop is useless, let’s step back and let Polaris handle this.


I got the credit I wanted soo I’m happy let’s stop here.

Yup, but it is mainly for those who have access to Red skills, though should of course help still :-).

Hi, can’t find Scar on the list

Scar is in d tier

Updated, some heroes with new red skill as you can see didn’t change their place on table, still under testing.


Pretty sure Joy, Hiro, Maui, T&P and Finnick don’t have red skills :upside_down_face:

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That answer why it was so red from the start…
Fixed what said.

Rafiki now have disk name ‘JJ’ …So U might consider an edit.
And Which tier is Mulan[Bo] ?

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Uh… she’s in S with Colette disk.
I agree with that tbh… the Colette disk looks better to me

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So much changes, I will wait for this one.
And if Jack-Jack = JJ now, then EG disk must be changed too.

Imma not sure…But I m Confirm…that Rafiki have a JJ disk now…

it is :eyes:

Just noticed you forgot to add Goliath and EQ


you could actually change this to Servers 1-19 because I know we have all the heroes

I just read everything on this topic and I am shocked.

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I don’t think Server 19 has all of the heroes

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Goliath missing

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