Hero Tier List [Update 5.0]

In a DM this is getting way off topic.


Ok, to be honest, this is getting nowhere…

@allaboutmagic7, maybe send @Musketeer a private message and work it out between each other instead of flooding the forums with baseless accusations and involving other people who don’t know the circumstance? Thanks.


yes please take this to a PM

@Musketeer can probably confirm if his accusations are true, and I doubt they are

Yes he can


  1. If you’re “u”, then you actually didn’t make much, you joined the PM after few days when it was all ready, and literally few sec. after salt leaved PM after you join.
    And later created new PM, without “u”.
  2. I’ve said to them I will post it on forum, but they didn’t ask about credits, maybe they wanted to stay incognito, but it’s all spoiled. Unless I missed something, then I’m sorry. Additionally, nobody contacted me later about it.
  3. Banned for your origins, not at all, biggest reason was this:

    and an hour of spamming in channels even if I asked you to to move discussion to right place (off-topic) and you ignored me. Then you started with bad fairy tales, insultings and lies.
  4. I’ve updated tier list, and since it was anyway revealed, credits will be on it, happy?
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Acually thats not me and all we ask is credit. U know who work in that tierlist.

Once the credit is on I’ll be happy

And all of us actually at the begging said only the tierlist on the discord server not other platforms.

You are Cookies, not Cookiekermit right?

TNX for the credit…

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No I’m not cookies…

if you are not happy with this then figure it out or leave the forums

Might be best to stop this talk here in the public ;^^.


So the comment above, and yours, explains more than enough.
As you wished, all added.


Yes now I’m happy that I have the credit as well.

Please bring this discussion to a PM, it has no place on the public forum. Personally, I highly doubt Musket would say anything racist.


Wow, that was a really inappropriate ban-worthy thing to say on open forum.

Take your false accusations to a PM please!


:tea: :tea: :tea: :tea:
Musketeer has been very nice to me since I joined the forums in fact most people have so please stop

Just to say as someone who saw what happened mostly, that drama was mostly a misunderstanding ;^^.

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