Hero Tier List [Update 5.4]

I completley agree with this, as someone who uses dash in nearly every lineup

Usually, if there is no Ian or Chesire, however, my dash has a tendency to use his white like every 5 seconds because he just does that much damage (especially with purple)

(P.S, this is off topic)

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Bravo! You discovered why 1/3 of players wanted that refresh.

It’s gone.

Djaq already explained this… eh. :roll_eyes:


plenty of ways to stop a dash though exactly

Well they got what they wanted from Kim: a massive damage increase. Why are they angry about it? Removal of team heal?

Also, you can’t double-post. It’s not allowed.

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This isn’t the Forum Heroes Thread…


Who asked for…



Oh, thought it was in every topic

so you think your quest to get more damage on kim now was a good idea? Bearing in mind how bad the refresh is? Are you kidding me?

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I just really want team heal and increased study duration back

And also 35% more HP


Kim needed it more than Oogie or anger. She had 2019 stats in the near end of 2020. Oogie is getting weaker but he isn’t useless and I can’t say that for anger since I don’t use him on my team, but Kim needed it the most (basil could have also needed it…)


Like all of us…

@Polaris, anything?


Funny that I used kim in a study team and outside so again your wrong. Ask sonic from s1 glitches he used kim alot and wins arena 99 percent of the time. So I think you will find you are massively wrong.

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I don’t believe you. The teams he faces are probably poor built.


That was the first time I’ve posted in this thread for a while… I can’t be wrong again since I haven’t posted here before 2 minutes ago…


Wondering why PB does not want to jump on the “Refresh Kim Again” bandwagon, I thought they would be convinced by now

They think the refresh they did is ok, that removing the team heal and other things would be balanced by her stat buffs and sheer damage output

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Stupid if it had that a half decent refresh but hey ho

Mim’s HP was increased by almost 100%, while Kim’s only by 4%.


Also considering deadly dragons are not a top guild and glitches dod and Castle are think i will go with those in the know tbh

Yeah well i still don’t think she was most in need. I successfully used kim many times but cant make anger live ever. But if she was getting a refresh she shouldn’t be made worse its pathetic

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