Hero Tier List [Update 5.5.02-B]

It includes red skill power and overall strength at max.

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Tier List

Indicator for Update 5.6…

  • [Prediction] Eda will be ???

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2.0.02 - Beta version of tier list - green
2.0.02-A → 2.1 - Updated version of tier list - blue
2.6 → 2.7 - Changed source of creating tier list/updated ; shudle - white
3.4.10 → 3.4.11 - Added small images on the bottom for themes - white and gray
3.5 → 3.5.10 - Added colourful lines, 2nd image, completely removed red names - white and gray
4.3.10 → 4.4 - Changed background colour, increased size of the font by 1, added highlight, completely removed purple names - gray
4.6 → 4.6-B - Added legend tied into the tier list (improved on 4.7)
The current version is on the top


What’s the difference between red and black text for heroes?

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Red text means hero own red skill.


Mickey should be red then :upside_down_face:
Nice job, by the way.

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Fixed! :ambulance:


Just a question. Why don’t you include the other disks? Also, Judy (Fe) seems more B/C tier than D tier

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She provides little value aside from basic damage buffs, and animal is superior to her in every way.


Nice idea. Altough I only agree with the placement of ~30% of these characters.
Still good work though :+1:


My opinion on this.
Shank is not worse than Ralph. Shes bad but not that bad. I’d say she belongs around sally. That’s really the only thing I entirely disagree with.

Oh and I also strongly disagree with Jack’s disk choice. His MH disk’s burst damage on the back line is devastating unless there’s an enemy joy and Rapunzel.


Is this in consideration of all game modes? Because then I can see how Nick is S-tier for Invasion or City Watch. But he’s outclassed in PvP by Elsa, Stitch, and Scrooge.

I also think Rapunzel is S-tier because she’s kind of like Joy but much more difficult to shut down; I’m not sure about Gizmoduck’s S-tier placement. I think Gizmo and Rapunzel should be switched.

As for Control heroes, Genie and WALL-E are definitely A-tier, Ursula in B-tier, and Frozone in D-tier. Genie is good in freeze comps now and WALL-E is the anti-sap.


They didn’t ban people just because they’re latinos. They banned them because of how rude they were, and they just happened to be latinos.


What do you mean by stolen? Like who was it stolen from?

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Ah, so would prefer if the post had credit to them.

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That has 0 proof still.

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I don’t think Muskeeter is trying to necessarily claim credit, I assume they is more so trying to post it to the forum giving the forum access to the information to say.


Okay, show proof you helped make it send me it in a DM and I will believe you.


That I don’t disagree necessarily with if they should have credit :-).

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With so many flags I guess the post risk getting closed.


I know right

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