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More Elsa chips please

Hello! Welcome to the community!
A greeting from the ice queen herself.
There could be some possible ways to get Elsa chips. It’s advisable to say which server you’re in. S19-22 don’t have Elsa (I think?).

  • Lucky gold crate pull
  • Lucky diamond crate pull
  • Raiding campaign (check the info on which node is she available)
  • Checking her availability from the market (Regular, Black, or Mega)
  • Some appearances from diamond bundles.

Solo deals usually don’t have older heroes so it’s unlikely. Hope this helps!

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No. The Gold crate only drops chips for 1-star heroes (at default). Elsa is a 2-star hero at default


Oh, right. Sorry. :sweat_smile:
I stand corrected. :white_check_mark:


Hi bought in the Store Ian lightfoot 40 + 125 chips but I can upgrade my hero 2stars! Where is lost my chips please help me! Thanks


Try not to necropost next time, ok?

It was probably 40 hero chips plus 125 red skill chips. That’s why it was shown as two separate items of 40 chips and 125 chips, instead of one item of 165 chips.

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