Heroes - November 22-25


Here’s what we’d like to discuss in this session:

  • Who are your favorite recent heroes? Why?
  • What are your least favorite recent heroes? Why?

Can this thread be discused about charthers we want to be added into the game?

no! There’s already a section for that. #feedback-corner:hero-wish-list

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Polaris should confirm this not us its his thread

Pipsqueak is correct. This is for discussing recently released. Suggestions for future heroes should go in the Hero Wish List section.


Megavolt is my favorite because he can cause a lot of damage between his enemies. His “Charged” effects are unlimited, which is nice

My least favorite is Donald Duck. Although he has a good skillset, his damage is very, especially when compared to other recent heroes. Sure we ask for less OP-ness but his damage is just too low. Around 120K damage at Red+2 6-stars and maxed skills.


I personally like all the new ones.

Server 14
TL 86

In response to the second question:
Jafar, Bo Peep, Ducky & Bunny, Randall, and Gaston. I’m not familiar with most new heroes, but Bo and DB are a pain in Surge, and from what I’ve read Randall and Jafar are going to be even worse. Gaston isn’t bad, I just have PTSD about him from friend campaigns.

I kinda like Duke Caboom though. Canada is a nice country, and his voice actor is Keanu Reeves, who’s pretty cool himself. His Woody disk is pretty helpful for Invasion, too.

What I’d like to see more of are characters that are built for certain gamemodes or fun mechanics. Nick comes to mind for me. Seeing a train of cute, fuzzy lemmings steamroll an entire team is satisfying.


All the new heroes are very good but some are a bit too OP and many times by the time I get them to my TL and Orange there are new OP heroes.

S8/19, TL 138/59

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Favourite recent characters:

  1. Yzma. Her skillset is interesting, her animations are great. The only thing is that the debuffs are too often for her purple skill.
  2. The Beast. Pretty good animations and sound effects, and he isn’t that OP and can be countered.
  3. All Ducktales characters. Same reasons. I only think that Scrooge should have less HP while Megavolt should have more.

Least favourite recent characters:

  1. Simba and Nala. Their animations aren’t that good, and the sound effects are terrible.
  2. Captain Hook. Terrible sound effects, even worse than S&N. And I personally don’t like that his White and Purple skill icons are mirrored, so he has a hook instead of a wrong hand.
  3. Randall Boggs. Obvious reasons. Weird sound effects, and of course being overpowered. His white skill can defeat several enemies in one hit, though Randall should attack one.

Server 14, level 125.


I generally don’t like or hate most of the new heroes, but it is always nice to see new faces! So I guess you could say I like them all.

On the bad side I don’t like Jafar or Randall, they are great designs in my opinion but they are so strong I kind of resent them being there, it’s not all bad like Jafar’s white and Randall’s stealth scaring they’re great, I just feel like they’re so bogged (no pun intended) down in kill kill kill that they lose all fun and uniqueness.

Server 4
TL 145


Honestly, these questions are diffcult to give accurate responses to. I’m not exactly sure what we mean by ‘recent’ - and nearly all the new heroes that come out get lumped at the bottom of my ever-growing mountain of Green / Blue heroes. There’s simply not enough resources to work on them.

That said, I’ll try with the small sample of heroes I’ve either used, or battled against…


  • The Beast. He’s deadly if he gets his active skill off, but has a number of counters & can be rendered pretty ineffective with the right setup. Against the wrong setup, though, he can dominate. That’s how powerful damage heroes should be!

  • Darkwing Duck. Not particulary recent… but he’s another hero that’s strong without being bonkers. He provides some interesting utility with his Nick disk, rather than just all out brute force, and can be very effective at helping take down shield teams. Against the current meta, though, he doesn’t do enough damage :frowning_face:

  • Duke Caboom. Again, he’s strong without being ridiculous. Even his active skill can be shielded or healed against, but it does do an awful lot of damage to unprepared teams. He is also one of the few non-support heroes who can provide healing to others, which is nice.

Least Favourite

  • Merlin. His utility sounds nice, but it’s too strong. I think he was about the first ‘absurd’ hero that we had - before then, the new heroes were strong but not overpowered. Merlin changed that. It doesn’t take much strategy to thrown him in with Aladdin and some study heroes and watch the entire enemy team prance around as Squirrels.

  • Megara. Probably an unpopular choice here, but the utility she gives is too strong. Many heroes, including some new ones, have downsides to their strength - take Miss Piggy. She has incredible attack, but her defences are measly. Enter Megara… and you have a front line powerhouse with no weaknesses. The same can be said for other front line heroes, and it removes any sort of downside to just chucking a glass cannon up front.

  • Randall. He’s just on other planet in terms of combat strength. It’s literally like putting a Red+2 hero against a team of Purples. Needs a serious nerf. He also appears in Invasion breaker quests, and is pretty much guaranteed to solo your team, costing you many stamina and revives / buffs to progress past.

S3, 145


In General I dislike most of the new heroes, because almost all of the new ones are extremely overpowered compared to the old heroes. To balance this, I would like it if old hero refreshes become more frequent or that new heroes aren’t immediately overpowered. If you guys are concerned people wouldn’t invest in the new heroes if they aren’t strong, rest assured. If you look at the patch notes, one thing you guys will notice is that players will be excited about the new heroes before even trying them. So I believe there is no need to make new heroes so overpowered every time. Server 5, Team level 145.


I honestly LOVE the new heroes and I personally use Randall on my best team with some old classics!
Least Favorites

  1. Merlin. God that name sends a shiver down my spine. He always wins against my team it’s to the point that I outright hate him
    2.Hades. I love him as much as the next guy but the Joy and Olaf friend campaign has made me despise fighting him
    Other than that I love em!
  2. Animal. God I love this guy to no end that it’s kind of an obsession almost
  3. Woody. He is the best. I can’t say anything else
  4. Stitch. I love him so much and TMS has just futhured that love.

I haven’t really played most of the new characters as I simply don’t have the resources, so I can’t really focus on chasing the newest and most powerful characters.

However I can answer on what characters added lately that I appreciate the most based on purely on character and excluding combat and focus on the characters themselves.

For me the character additions I have appreciated the most lately are Scrooge and Donald, as well as Huey, Dewy and Louie going a bit further back. I personally really like Donald Duck comics and really appreciate the fact that Donald and the others have been added to the game :-).

I am working on Scrooge right now and soon catcher up on him I think, and I will work on Donald after I am done with Scrooge which I am really looking forward to as I want the friendship related story content ^^.

Thanks for adding Donald and the other Duckburg related characters and really glad for that him :-).

Server 5, level 134.

I think that all the new characters are good – I think it would be nice if the older characters could rise up once again to their level. It’s hard to use some of the older ones now with the new ones being so powerful, so being able to have everyone have just a teeny boost would be great.

Ex. Nick Wilde. He’s got a nice moveset, but the damage he does is just too little for him to be pratical against a heavy hitter like Ducky/Bunny.

But in terms of new heroes, I think all of them are quality.


Huey Dewey Louie

All of them are creative and have very unique abilities. Definitely a lot of thought an effort were put into these.

Least Favorites

Ducky and Bunny

All of these heroes are capable of destroying an enemy team before they have a chance to fight back which is not a fun feeling.



Jafar is my Favorite disney villain in history since Maleficent. He use good skill like controlling enemy, and sandstorm. Both friendships modes nice look between Gaston and Scar.

Megavolt are the most easy character in the game to blast creeps.

She’s use mark one character to make character alive.

•Sully and Boo
Sully and Boo easy character in the game
Which includes heals allies for friendship woody only

Stitch is my favourite disney character. All of his skills are good including his gun

•Jack Skeleton
Jack Skeleton is my Favorite character, all of his skills are good.

Leasts Favorites

•Queen of Hearts
I don’t think queen of hearts skill are good. Like stampede cards

•Wall E
Wall E are not good enough for skill for freeze them

•Fix it Felix
Felix skills are not good enough. Except for friendship mode include frozone which is good.

Genie is my favorite disney character. In this game. His heals allies not gonna work

One of my favorites in the game as to be Jasmine, she is a wonderful control character when properly worked on and both friendships disks of hers due justice in what kind of team you want her to be apart of. Also having rajah as an extra character really gives an advantage for him to be tank-ish by being able to take damage before any of the real members from your team can in a round. Plus, he is able to be brought back every time jasmine uses her special move so you don’t have to worry about rajah getting defeat in a round because he’ll be back if jasmine is able to complete another special.

My favorites
-Hercules, specifically his Maui disk. It makes it possible to build competitive all-tank teams which is something different and not just the meta.

-Anger & Scrooge two heroes whose white skills are similar in that they can provide a big damage boom, without being so broken they are almost impossible to defeat.

-Animal, especially his Gonzo friend disk, he provides speed boosts and has allowed for some interesting combinations, ones I didn’t think would work when I first saw his skills.

-Jafar w/ Scar disk became meta and broken right away with few options to defeat him.

-Randall broken meta and his frequent invisibles & dodges make him very hard to defeat.

-Beast looping his white skill makes him almost unstoppable, usually I need a Merlin to defeat him.

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